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Thursday, January 17, 2008

1:30AM in the morning and I'm still up watching anime...
Hiya everyone. How've you been these past days? As for me, I've been ok. Earlier today I went for a small walk and visited my old high school to talk to my ex-councelor about a scholarhip I was supposed to be getting...and...the scholarship is gone. The person who was gonna give it could not be contacted, so....yeah...there goes that help. -_-' But on a lighter note, it seems that she still knows me...and still misspronounces my name. -_-' lol

Other than that, I went for a small walk at the local park. The park looks okay, not much has changed from it, so I'm glad. On the way back, I swore this one guy tried to steal my money. He was wearing bright yellow and for a while he was ahead of me, but he stopped and I passed hi and then he walked a bit further, I noticed his movements and was ready to beat the sh-....well...you can probably get the idea, but when ti truend my head back he then made a sudden movement and dissapeared. I knew where he was hiding, but didn't wanna waste my time with his so I just left. The funny thing is, I only have $20 in my wallet. XD

I probably won't be here on Sunday and most of Saturday since on Saturday I have to pask...yup...I'm going back to Merced (university). I kinda wanna go and wanna stay, I wanna go cuz the signal (cell phone) is way better and I wanna stay cuz....I'd rather eat for free than pay for my food...oh...and also be with my family. lol Then again, I had so many chances to visit them, but never really wanted too....^_^' As for Sunday, a couple friends and I are planning to hang out and watch the movie Cloverfield. Honestly, I don't care where we go or what we do, I just thought that I'd be nice to see my friends again.

Right now...I'm watching the Tales of Symphonia OVAs...you know, Sheena and Zelos (ppl on my theme...and yes...Zelos(red hair) is a guy lol) are from that game/OVA. Interesting thing though, they fit nearly half the game in four episodes....lol. I'll talk more about it next time I post...maybe...lol

to mysterioushanyou: sorry about not being able to help you with you site today, I promise that I'll help you with it by Sunday
to the next flcl: thanks for the code. ^_^ and don't leave Myo, ok? cuz if you do...no cookies for you!!

Random questions:
1) around what time do you go to sleep?
2) do you like how the site looks?
3) do you think that you'll like version vibrant?
4) what are you thinking about right now?
5) what are you wearing?
6) are these questions bothering you?
7) any plans for the weekend?
8) If I told you that I was planning on leaving Myo, how would you react? Would you try to stop me?
9) Cake or Death? (watch the video below, or just skip this question)
10) Did you actually asnwer all these questions?? O_O

My answers:
1) these last few days at around 2AM. at first it was cuz wanted to fininhs this book and now it's cuz of anime. lol
2) Yup! ^_^
3) Maybe
4) Ending the post. ^_^'
5) um...lemme see...a red and black shirt, black and silver shorts, and...oddly enough only one sock. ^_^'
6) Not really, but kinda regretting asking so many.
7) Packing and hanging out with friends
8) ...I'm not gonna even answer this question. lol
9) cake please
10) I kinda had too....-_-'

Eddie Izzard - Cake or Death

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