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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hiya everyone! ^_^ First I'd like to thank those who commented on my last post, haven't had that many comments in quite a while, so...um..thanks! ^_^ *gives milk and cookies to everyone*....what?....I like milk and cookies...and yes...even though I'm 18 I stil enjoy acting like a kid...and I'm easily amused/confused like one too. ^_^' lol

I have done it! *runs areound like a complete idiot and runs into a wall bringing me back to normal*...ok...that was fun, well, anyways, I have finally beaten Okami!! ^_^ That game is so cool!! ^_^ The final final boss (beat the game, you'll see what I mean) was pretty fun, even though I kinda had to cheat to beat Yami. Hm...how do I describe him...well...the most I can say that he's a mechanic ball with a fish looking thingy inside. lol Cuz in the beggining when you fight him you have no powers so I had no idea what to do (actually, I think I found a strategy tht might work....seconds before I kill him) so I ende up using these items and then I used these items that do heavy damage on all those nearby, I had 13 and needless to say, they were nearly all gone. Then I had to fight him a couple more times, different strategy and all, I actually had one! ^_^ It was: don't get hit and focus on the bosses's moves. lol Well, I beat that and then the final final fight happened, but before all that issun (not with him) does the speech and gets everyone to believe in him, and I have to say, that speech was amazing! Well...I beat Yami and thus beat the game...but...they are making Okami 2 for the wii!! No fair! I mean, as you see the final scenes, it becomes obvious that they'll make a new game, I sure hope you get Issun back, annoying as he was sometimes, I liked his perverted humor...he kept making a lot of breat jokes though...and because of them I noticed that in a scene where you're swimming with Rao on top of you, her breasts did bouce the whole way...and before you jump to conclusions...the only reason I remember that I cuz afterwards there was the crazy Sea Dragon that nearly ate you...and whatever you do...don't try to fight it....and if you do..plz don't jump of orca when you do it...I did and I got eaten. -_- lol

Oh. I'd also like to wish good luck to all those who are going/already are in school. Ra-chan is...and I'm so bored!! -_-' I'll be going back to school in about 2 weeks. ^_^ *some throws a tomato at me*....*runs away efore others do the same and picks up two leaves and stands still* I'm a tree...

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