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Monday, December 24, 2007

hello everyone! It seems that tomorrow is finally christmas....and oddly enough the bithday of Fernando(friend) O_O lol Anyways...hm...well....firt off, I apologize for not being around much...but hey...I'm doing my best. ^_^
Lemme see....today I spent most of my day at my cousin's house where we watched a Dir en grey concert (DVD) that I brought and spent the rest of the time playing on thier XBOX 360. We first played Halo 3, first time playing ad I really suck at it. ^_^' That's unfair, just as I get a PS2 they get a new system....*sniff* lol Other than that, today was pretty cool. First time that I got to see my cousin's in a long while too, I like the way Moe gels his hair all spiky, I can't because if I grow my hair out, it becomes an afro (I have curly hair and he has straight hair). In fact.....I think I need a haircut...I mean....a month ago I learned that I could actually stick a bunch of lead pencils in it and they won't fall out. ^_^'
Lemme see....oh yeah, yesterday(...err....today) I stayed up till 3 in the morning just to beat "Tales of Legendia" and I have just one thing to say....FINALLY!! That game was so long! I mean, it has to be my least favorite "Tales of" game. The reasons being
~There's only 1 main city
~In the end, they throw the same monsters at you as they did throughout the game, but ony with insanely high hp
~The graphics (spells )compare ground dasher to that of abyss and symphonia. as well as the characters themselves
~they had no real side quests
~The lenght
~It's repetitive
~And they gave you too much money with nothing to buy, I mean, I liked the other games where the cooler and stronger weapons came out and you had barely enough money to buy them...those were fun. ^_^
~There was little voice acting in the second-half of the game

I'm bound to think of more eventually. ^_^' lol But all in all, the game was okay, I still prefer "Tales of the Abyss", now that game is awesome. ^_^

Hey....Ra-chan did this so now I wanna try. I'm gonna hold a contest (all may enter) to see who can make the most random/funny comment and whoever wins gets a prize. Well, I should head off to bed now. See ya

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