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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hiya guys.....yeah...sorry for not being on these past few days...have been busy studying for finals as well as writing/revising my portfolio for writing and writing a page and a half in french....yeah...that's why I haven't been around lately...sorry.
Well, on a brighter note, I already did all my christmas shopping. ^_^ I got a panda bear for my little sister and I bought Ra-chan....um....hehe....she might read this so I'll keep that hidden. ^_^ Thing is, we're sending each other our anniversary and christmas gifts together....and I need a bigger box. -_-' I hope she likes them, I even wrote a poem too. I would post it here but....I'm pretty sure you guys are sick of my love poems and since its for her, I I doubt anyone else would read it but her. ^_^
Lemme see....I haven't been able to play DDR for a while simce I get the people that live downstairs mad. -_-' So I started to play Tales of the Abyss (that game is very awesome) and I already finished the main story for Tales of Legendia (I like Tales of Abyss better.) and aftewards (if I find any time. -_-') I'll start playing Okami. I wonder how that game is, people say that its like Zelda...so i bought that at the very least its a bit harder, the last Zelda game for the gamecube/wii was a let down. Sweet graphics, but too easy. -_-'
Well, that'll be all for now, I'll try to visit your sites now....even though I shoudn't be on since I'm in French class right now. ^_^'

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