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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

hehe....sorry.....^_^' (this might be a long post.....you have been warned)
Hello! *echoes*...hello!! *echoes*...wow....I guess you all forgot about me...lol
I know I know, I said that I'd be back...um...last week and all but homework, essay, exams, video games, Ra-chan, cleaning my side of the room, grocery shopping...yeah...all those things have kept me away from Myo but fret not, I have returned! *thunder and red/black lighting occur behind me*...sweet. ^_^' Even though I might not be on as much as I used too, I'll do my best to come on as much as possible to comment on your posts and too message you guys, oh, and btw, if some of you wonder why I don't PM you, I'm kinda the type of person that won't speak until spoken to so yeah...you gotta talk to me first. ^_^'
Now that that's over with, I bet some of you have been wondering what I've been doing this past...month. ^_^' Lemme see...well, on my birthday: Rudy, Jordyn, Kelly, and I went out to eat at a restaurant and we were all joking around (Jordyn, Kelly, and I) were joking around about Rudy riding on his motorcycle and I said "Rudy is on the bike. Rudy is with the bike. Rudy IS the bike....and he is riding himself!" Yeah...around those guys I am more likely to make pervy jokes...^_^' Well, we all arrive at the restaurant, hear a bunch of Rudy's drinking stories (he's 26), we all say a bunch of pervy jokes (ok....the scary thing is, I hardly said any...O_O), and as the waitress leaves to get my free dessert (...what? it's my birthday....) Rudy siad something like "She's your dessert" at the perfect moment when she was away but still able to hear. She gasped and we all started to laugh like crazy...^_^' Hm...what else...oh yeah, I took my DDR with me and since I only had one dance pad. Jordyn, Kat, and I basically ran all the way there at around 10:30PM, sounds normal, no? Well....we had to ru across a field, over traintracks, a muddy part, and it was so dark that you could hardly see what's around you....seriously....we almost bumped into each other...^_^' So we played a bit (I only got to make Kelly play once by saying "Please, for my birthday" and stuff.
Ok....that covers my birthday, well, this post is already too long so I'll just leave it at that. oh, and before ai forget, I ended up turning my term paper on tome and I believe that I proved my hypothesis right. You never know, if things turn out the way I hope them too then I just might become famous....

To the next FLCL: Hm...I remember that you asked me something a while ago...oh yeah. Ra-chan and I have been engaged ever since...late last year I believe and...I'm not 19 years old, I just turned 18 and as a friend said, am noe legal....whatever that means. ^_^'

Random Questions:
1) Ya miss me?
2) Did I miss anything?
3) What time is it?
4) What do you prefer, light or darkness?
5) Have you seen the Death Note movie?
6) How old are you?
7)Day or Night?
8) ask me anything.

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