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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello everyone! ^_^ Today I skipped periods 1-4 which was very cool, the only downside was......it was because I had to take my AP English Lit test which was around 50 questions long and after a short 10 minute break we had to write 3 essays.....yeah....me no like essays. lol Well, I think I did pretty good, i somehwat liked the topic of the first ands econd essays....but the first.....no idea what the hell they wanted us to write about, so I did the only thing that i leaned while being forced to take "life skills" during the summer (they screwed up my schedule!) a year ago.....and bs the whole thing!lol ....now my head hurts by just by thiking about all those essays...and to add to that while I was using a knife to cut a bread in half I kinda cut myself....and i can't find the bandaids anywhere! Oh well, i'll just let the cut bleed itself out I guess -_-'

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