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Saturday, May 5, 2007

feliz cinco de mayo
Great, I just found out that I was tagged. ^_^' Oh well, might as well get it over with. *smiles evily* But before I do....*sends group of spiders after Elena The Turk* That's what you get for tagging me! *laughs evily* ^_^'

1) I'm in love
2) I was involved in 2 (if you rule out nearly drowning at the beach many times) near Death experiences, once while I was a kid (one of the very few childhood memories I have was when I was rolling down a hill in the park and I suddenly stopped myself before I fell on the hard concrete when a car just passed suddenly) and one a few years ago (car I was ridding in was smashed by not 1 but 2 semis (18 wheelers).
3) One of my dreams WAS to go skydiving, decided that it would be best not to.
4) Ny name is italian and its meaning is "victorius peace"
5) I'm allergic to nothing at all! ^_^
6) Favorite non-anime movie is Battle Royale. Favorite anime movie is metropolis.

Now for those who I will tag:
1) TearlessGreyEyes (sorry Ra-chan, your the first person that I thought of)
2)the real yojimbo

(real post starts below this)

For those who don't know Spanish that means happy Cinco...uh....pretty much the same thing after happy, huh? ^_^' One thing that I have learned about this holiday is....that you are invinsible with a stick! watch.
*pokes lion with stick* fear me!
lion:.....*eye twitch*
....*runs away with lion in pursuit. Moments pass and I return riding on the lion's back* *sing song voice* In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.
That's it for today's post. oh, before I forget. I'd like to thank the following people: Elena The Turk and TearlessGreyEyes for attempting to solve the riddle. Alas, you both were incorrect. The answer to last post's riddle (The doors were locked, the windows were closed, there is no evidence of forced entry, and despite the severity of the shooting, the car was unharmed/had no bullet holes in it. How is it that the man got shot multiple times yet there wasn't a single scratch/bullet hole on the car?) is that the car was a convertible (no roof. ^_^)

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