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Monday, September 4, 2006

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i don't have much time for a post..so this is what you get for now =/

Zombie Nation

Lying is woven through the fabric of our lives -
dyed into its very threads -
like a web of mold, a staining mildew,
for how are we to live without it?
Truth is hard - and cold.
If we admit truth
then we are left with the naked reality of having to respond.
We could be faced with serious responsibility,
with unpleasant work,
with unprofitable consequences,
with a need for strong character.
No - deny - evade - protect our zombie nation.
Rather than suffer the shame of shirking life's call,
it is so much easier to deny reality -
enshrouding it in a gauze of lies -
and thus, buffered by blissful unknowing,
to choose from the convenient options remaining in view.
We support each other in a community of lying,
a fungal cooperative,
a congregational conspiracy of comforting ignorance.
We need our lies,
we are all agreed to forget their falsity -
zombie nation solidarity -
we toss the keys of insight into an ocean of denial.
And so, secure, barricaded in our gated mental enclaves,
shielded from the searing eye of our innate consciousness,
we are detached from all awareness - our most godlike quality,
our all seeing eye


1# PIE!!?

2#,,do you like santa?

3#,,,is this even a real question?

this is just a pic i found. that ithink is .well.....cool *but it would look better on me!. lol*

And now

see ya


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