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Sunday, November 20, 2005

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this one got a lot of comments on my last post,,,it is the most I have ever had at one time,,21,,,,lol,,but it is funny when new people to my site look at my post and donít know what I am talking about, and donít know what all the stuff in my post is,,,but they will know in time,,THEY WILL ALL KNOW,,BUWAHAHA,,any-who, the answer to the last riddle was

a sponge

if you got it rigt,,you win 1 of 2 things,,1,,,a metal-inu hat,,or 2,,,a new car,,but the car,,IS RED,,BUWAHAHA

Scar, in Ishbal, the cars were all,,well,,hmmm,,we didn't have any cars in Ishbal

methats good,,bad,,and the ugly,,,but,,blah,,any-who,,how might you all be on this day that is the weekend,,WHAT,,ITíS THE WEEKEND,,,THAT MEANS NEW SHOWS,,YAAAA,,,,the new ones are always good that they are,,,hmm,,well,,maybe they aren't good when they are bad,,but most of the time they are good,,,well,,I donít want to take all the time in the world doing this post,,so I will stop talking now


part,,ummm,,,lets just say 5

after going up to heaven, Inuyasha opened his eyes only to find, every thing that had happened to him was a dream,,,every thing but the Superman part, in the bed and Breakfast on Saterday, in Alaska,,that part was no dream,,he really got to eat the same food as Superman for Breakfast

Inuyasha: what the hell,.,,you mean to tell me every thing was a dream

man with a hat: did you hear the narrator,,he just said it was all a dream


man with a hat: no,,,that part was no dream,,they donít want you any more

Inuyasha: hey,,,how do you even know what happened old man

man with a hat: well,,ummm,,it's not like I watch every thing you do all day 24/7 if thats what your thinking

Inuyasha:,,noooo,,I wasnít thinking that,,but I am now

as Inuyasha got freaked out by the old man,,he almost forgot it was his Birthday, but it was on his Birthday that he was going to tell Kagome he loved her, but now all he can do is try and not kill the old freaky man with a hat

Inuyasha: what the hell happened,,,how can I not know whats a dream and whats not,,how do I know right now this isnít all just a big dream

man with a hat: itís not

Inuyasha;,,WILL YOU GO ALREADY ,,,,,I know,,if this is a dream, then when I try to eat this hat, it will taste good

as Inuyasha was eating a hat,,he found it was good,,but what he didnít know, is that it was a hat made of candy

Inuyasha:..WOW,,this hat is great,,then that must mean,,,this is a dream,,and if thats so,,then maybe I can fly,,,,YA,,THATS GOTA WORK

as Inuyasha ran off a big rock, he was in for a big hurt, in a short amount of time


Inuyasha:,,ooookk,,,maybe this isnít a dream after all,,,but if this isnít a dream,,,,then why am I dressed up like a monkey?

~to be continued

ďSorry if it was a little short,,I will try and make the next one longer,,,,and betterĒ



~ riddles by metal-inuyasha

I never was,
am always to be,
no one ever saw me,
nor ever will.
And yet
I am the confidence of all to live and breathe
on the terrestrial ball.
What am I?

have Frankenstein waste a minute of your time

you know what happened the other day,,a dog came up to me and said,,if you make it,,they will come,,,,,,,,,,now at first I was freaked out by a talking dog,,and I didnít even know what this one was talking about,,what did he want me to make,,and who would come,,,well,,after taking that dog for a walk I went to the store to buy some new anime figures,,AND THEY DIDN"T HAVE ANY I NEEDED,,,and that is what makes Frankenstein mad at the toy store


1# ,,,,,Root Beer?

2#,,Mr. Cat?

3#,,,if you have 2 hats, then you eat 3,,how many people are up in that tree?

And now

see ya

may peace be with you in a world of Zombie's


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