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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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mewow, I got a lot of guesbook signings in one day, I think I got around 15 or 25, o_O,, any-who, the answer to the riddle was


that one was kind of hard, so if you got it right,,you win,,,A BAT,,,yup,,just a bat,,ohĒ and some one asked what a metal-inu hat looks like,,well, it is a crazy looking hat that says, ďmetal-inu .CoĒ on it,,BUWAHAHA

day is like a broken dream.
No matter what happens or what i do, my arm will never stop itís killing

I froze my heart to this world, and for that I was cursed with my arm

me I donít know what your talking about,,but ok o_O,,any-who, how is every one,,as for this one,,well, I am sleepy, but my day was good,, but last night I tryed to add some-thing to my site and almost messed every thing on it up, it was about 30 min before I got every thing back the way it was,,so it is good I was able to fix it,,, also I will try and start a new pic some time this week, but I must first think of what to do it on,,hmmm,,ohĒ and before I forget,,on ďHave Frankenstein waste a minute of your timeĒ, when he is talking about stuff, that isnít what I think of things, that is what Frankenstein thinks,,so if he says some-thing like ďI hate any-one in a hatĒ, that doesnít mean I hate people in hats, it means he does,,and I just wanted you to know that,,,,,,,,,,,,,ohĒ and Frankenstein wants you to know he doesnít hate any one in a hat,,,,,and also, the last thing I have for you is a pic of a UFO that I made,,it isnít real,,so donít think it is,,but I think it looks some what real,,you can look at it by clicking the thing under this



after being sent to hell, and having the hat of hell on his head, Inuyasha didnít know what more he could do , but just then as he turned around he seeís some one

Randy Newman: do you know how long I have been waiting for you

Inuyasha: what!,,Randy,,why are you in hell,,,hold on,,is that Superman

Superman: wha,,,ohĒ hey,,,yes, I am Superman

Inuyasha: but why are you in hell,,you save people

Superman: well about a year back some dude called my a gay , so I punched his head off

Inuyasha: WHAT THE,,,,,your sick

Superman : yup, thats what a lot of people keep saying, but hey,,just so long as they donít call me a gay, I will not hit them

Demon: hey,,I know what I will do to you,,I will show you a tv show of what heaven looks like ,,so you can know what your missing out on,,BUWAHAH

after the demon went to get the tv Inuyasha slowly steped back from Superman, not even the great Inuyasha would be able to keep from calling him gay after a long time had past

Demon: ok, Iím back with the tv,,,THE TV OF HELL THAT IS,,BUWAHAHA

Inuyasha; your not going to say "OF HELL" for every thing you get out, are you,,it is starting to realy get to me

Demon: hmm,,I donít know,,,any-who, just watch the tv

as Inuyasha watched the tv he was shocked at what he was looking at

Inuyasha: hold on,,this is a tv that shows you heaven right?

Demon: yup,,,and it also gets CNN on a good day

Inuyasha: if thats heven then what are some of the badest guys ever doing up their,,,you got Hitler, Vlad the Impaler , Jack the ripper,,and thats just for starters,,so whats up,,why are they in heaven and Iím not

Deom: they gave me a dollar so I let them go up

Inuyasha; ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME,,all it takes is a dollar to get out of hell,,AAHAHAH,,thats great,,I get to get out of hell,,YAAA

as Inuyasha looked for a dollar in his pocket, he found nothing

Inuyasha: WHAT THE!,,but I know I had one,,,,,,,OOOHHĒ CRAP,,,I gave it to shippo for I candy the other day didnít i,,,,THIS SUCKS

Demon,,ok,,ok,,I will let you go,,for,,hmmmm,,,ummm,,how about you give me your pants and we call it even

Inuyasha: i would rather stay in Hell for ever then take off my pants

Demon,,hey,,what ever dude,,,itís up to you

Inuyasha :,,ummm,,ah,,huh,,hmmm,
OK,,,OK,,,the pants are coming off

after taking off his pants, Inuyasha was sent up to heaven, but it wasnít what he was thinking it would be,,and to his surprise, they had a lack of chairs

~to be continued



~ riddles by metal-inuyasha

You must keep this thing,
its loss
will affect your brothers.
For once yours is lost,
it will soon be lost
by others

have Frankenstein waste a minute of your time

when I was walking on the side walk, you know what heppend,,,I stepped in some gum,,,I mean come on,,,who would put gum on a spot that people walk, who I ask you who,,,,well, any-who, when I steped in it, it reminded me of an Inuyasha episode that I was watching,,and when that happens, the best thing to do is act out what happens in the episode,,,long story short,,dressing up like a demon and running around a city with a big sword isnít as fun as you might thinks,,,especially when the cops show up

me wow,,I didnít think you would do some-thing like that o_O


1# ,,,if your not me, and Iím not you, and you donít know how to say a howdy dowdy do, then what did I just eat o_O

2#,,people on a bus need hats do thay not?

3#,,,mad hatter?

And now

see ya

may peace be with you in a world of Zombie's



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