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Monday, November 14, 2005

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I got the fan art pic I was talking about up, I will not tell you what it is of, you must go look at it first,,BUWAHA, and also if you look then plz comment on it, I like to know what people think,,any-who, the answer to the riddle was,,ohĒ wait,,,I didnít have a riddle the other day did i,,huh,,,ok,,well, then no riddle means nothing if you got it right,,,but today I have a riddle, so good luck to all

oh" and before I forget,,I got over 300 people that signed my guestbook ^^

ScarMr. Metal-inu,,,might I have 5'min off to go eat some food,,all this alchemist killing makes me hungry

me,ok, sure, why not,,well,,,not much to say,,so i will ask how every one is?


back to Hell
as Inuyasha and Randy were walking, the came across some old firends,, more like, 7 old friends

The band of 7: INUYASHA,,,and,,,ummm,,who ever that guy is with Inuyasha

Randy Newman: who me,,,Iím randy,,, you people can call me Randy or Randy Newman, it doesnít mater,,,but just so you know, every time some one says my name, I get $1

Band of 7: really,,wow $1

Inuyasha: ummm,,did you forget about me or some-thing,,,and why are all 7 of you talking all at the same time,,itís kind of freaking my out o_O

Band of 7: why you ask,,hmmmm,,we donít know

Inuyasha: and didnít I kill you

Band of 7: no,,,,you didnít kill us all, you killed, maybe 1 of us at best

Renkotsu: hold on,,come to think of it,,,it was you that killed me (*looks at bankotsu*) you bastard

band of 6: WHAT!,,he talk with out every one talking at the same time,,FOR THIS HE MUST DIE

as the band of 7 started to fight, Inuyasha didnít know what to do, and then he couldnít find Randy, so he walked off to let the 7 fight it out

Inuytasha: well, that was fun,,,,*not*,,,,but now I need to find some waffles,,,but how am I going to do that, when the arenít even in this time,,,I think some one makes then like 200 years from now,,,Ah man,,this sucks

Frankenstein: hey,,hey you

as Frankenstein was in a tree, he called over Inuyasha

Frankenstein: wana buy some hats

Inuyasha: ummm,nooo,,,

Frankenstein: are ya sure,,I got some good hats

Inuyasha:,,thats ok,,I think I will just not get a hat,,and even if I did,,it wouldnít be from you

Frankenstein:,OH I GET IT,,you donít want it because I am so ugly,,is that it,,COME ON BIG MAN,,,SAY SOME-THING

Inuyasha: yup, thats why I donít want one.,,,so can I go now

before Frankenstein said any-thing, a hole opened in the ground and sucked Inuyasha into it

Demon: what the,,itís you,,,,well,,,welcome back to Hell

Inuyasha: what!,,,Hell,,,but Iím not dead,,and no one killed me

Demon: sure ,,sure ,,every one says that ďim not dead,,,I just donít have any blood,,thats allĒ,,like I am really going to fall for that

Inuyasha: no,,really,,Iím not dead

Demon: ohĒ really,,,then tell me,,does this hurt

the small deom hits him in the head with a rock


Demon: then your dead,,,,and when some one is dead,,I do this,,,BRING OUT,,,,THE HAT OF EVIL FROM THE CLOSET OF HELL

Inuyasha: who what , what o_O

before he was answered a hat fell on his head, and got smaller, and smaller, until it was so small, it wouldnít come off

Demon:,,AHAHA,,the hat of hell,,it is so small now, that it will never come of,,AHAHAHA,,never ever, ever

Inuyasha; is that it?,,,a hat,,,thats the best Hell has,,,wow,,,and to think I was a little scared for a moment

Will Inuyasha ever get the hat off,,will he get out of hell,,,WILL HE EVER GET HIS WAFFLES,,,,find out next time

~to be continued



~ riddles by metal-inuyasha

You hear it speak,
for it has a hard tongue.
But it cannot breathe
for it has not a lung
some times in churches
I am found
a call for dinner
heard all around

What is it?

have Frankenstein waste a minute of your time

you know what makes me mad,,,,when you go to see a movie , then you get your drink, your food, and then a candy,,how do they expect me to hold all that stuff,,thats like,,,,,,,,,,,,5 things, I only have 2 arms,, so when I try to hold it all, it ends up falling all over my Sunday best, then I need to go home and change then come back to see the movie, but by the time I get back the movie is over and I missed all of it, and itís not like I will pay to see the same movie more then one time,,after all,,,who would,?,,not me, thats who,,what I am trying to say America , is they need to bring the stuff to you in the theater, so you have a lower risk of dropping it all,,,and that is what I think

me thank you Frankenstein ,,I think some one might be with you on this one,,no,,,,,no wait, that was just a cat


1# ,,,how in the world did you get on my head?,,,,(*must be 10 words or longer*)

2#,,CAT with a bat?

3#,,,the blues brothers?

And now

see ya

may peace be with you in a world of Zombie's

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