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Sunday, April 3, 2005

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what's up , though i might tallk about something today,, i'm sure i'm not the only one to have noticed the inprovments in technology that people are coming out with like this new psp,, its basically a super computer that playes games ,, i mean around (15 or 20 ) years ago they would have never dreamed of some of the things we have now ,, but is all this new technology a good thing , if you ask me i dont think it is,, the reason way is becausee people today are starting to rely a little to much on it , i mean it's goten to the point were we cant even do the simpelest of task whith out using some form of technologl

i think that people need to just stop trying to use so much technology and start doing things for themself,,, know dont get me wrong i'm not saying all technology is bad . like when doctor's use it to save lifes that's not the kind of thing that bothers me,, but when it gets to the point where we cant even feed are selfs with out using it thats the kind of thing that starts to make me a little mad,,,, so my point is if you dident alredy figure it out is that we need to stop using so much technology and start doing thing's for are selfs again,,, and if thats not enough for you ther's also the enviromentl effect of it,, like pollution,,, and stuff like that,,, but this is only my opinion , and that dosent mean you have to agre with me on this , and if you have any comments on the stuff i just wrote let me know

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