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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the story of radditz
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goku is out getting wood for chichi to make diner. he brings the wood and chichi asks where gohan is. he srugs and starts looking for gohan.

meanwhile, a round spaceship lands on the planet. a farmer comes to see the ship when a stong looking saiya-jin comes out of the ship. the curious and scared farmer shoots the man with his shot gun and the saiya-jin catches the bullet and flings it back at the farmer, killing him. he flies away yelling, "KAKOROTTO!!"

gohan is in the forest playing with a puma. he falls down a river on a log and screaming " DAD". goku hears him and comes to the rescue.

they then fly to the kame_ house where they meet everybody. when suddenly , the alien arrives. he claims he is goku's brother and oders him to kill 100 people or he will kill his son gohan. out of nowhere, piccolo arrives and says he was encountered by radditz and and agrees to team up and kill radditz.but not befor radditz takes gohan.

they find him because of the dragonball on gohans hat and fight radditz. during the battle piccolo loses a limb and goku is badly injured. gohan then gets ticked off and strikes a blow to radditz's stomach. the now weaker radditz was held by goku while piccolo fired his special beam attack at them. it killed them both and picolo takes gohan to train him.

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