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Friday, June 29, 2007

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Shippo - hey every one...shippo here...metal-inuyasha is out right now. I think he said some-thnig about a dead body and going out to the desert .hmm
anywayz. Here are the answers to your questions

-if you could throw up liquid like a water hose, what color liquid would it be, and where would you do it?

I would use my new found throw up powers on inuyasha when he he is sleeping. As for the color. It would HAVE to be yellow !


- My question: they call them fingers but they don't fing. Why?

well..you see. Back in my day we didnt call them “fingers” we called them “flingamerz” because we ”flinged” stuff off of them , but about 500 years ago. Some guy said he couldn’t spell that, so they changed it to “fingers”. If you ask we , changing that world to fingers was the 2nd worts thnigs to ever happen to the world .......the first would have to be paris hilton. Thats why I had to frame her so she would go to jail!


((I don’t think I said it. But you can only ask 1 question lol. So im jsut ganan go with the first one))
- Light or dark?

light....I hate dark. The night scares me!


-are you hospitals scary?

YES!....the food is SO scary there!!! im never going back ><

JD Person
-Shippo, could you please kill and/or rape kagome, and send me pictures of the event?
it would be appreciated greatly.

Sorry..but I cant do that
my show ..and I mean the Inuyasha show... but it SHOULD have been the Shippo show..Inuyasha only got his name of it becouse he was sleeping with the Writer ><
I cant do it becouse I am on a kids show and it would send the wrong message

Dark desires
-dude wtf when will you ever have a back bone? im tried of always seeing you run away..
yes..its a mean question but it had to be done!

I don’t run away!!
I have bladder problems and I jsut HAPPEN to have to “change my pants” every time we are about to fight a demon



2# are you a toys,R, us kids?

3# are you M.C .HAMMER?

Zombification Picture

Love and Peace


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