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Sunday, June 24, 2007

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Inuyasha - *looks around*....where the hell am I?

Goku - Hi . Im goku... are you scooby doo?

Inuyasha - what the hell is a “scooby doo?

Goku - he is a talking dog. Jsut like you

Inuyasha - im a half demon you idiot!!

Goku - so you don’t hang out with a hippie , a gay guy, and 2 girls?

Inuyasha - you mean miroku, shipo, Sango and Kagome?...wait.......miroku is gay!?

Goku - *eats some rice*

Inuyasha - um.?......any-wayz...where are we?

Goku - I think we are in some kind of post

Inuyasha - what the hell is a “post”

Goku - its some-thing you do on a computer

Inuyasha - dude....im from like..500bc...how the hell am I ganna know what a computer is?

Goku - well..its this thing that people use to look up porn

Inuyasha - and porn would beeeeee?

Goku- looking at naked people

Inuyasha -...hm...Ohhhh...you mean like when me and miroku go into sango’s room when she is sleeping and-

Goku- what!!?...no...not like that!...

Inuyasha - what?..you mean you have never done that?

Goku - no!..and your sick

Inuyasha- bringing Sango breakfast in bed is sick?

Goku - YE-...wait........what? O_o

(( to be continued

hey every one :D

im not really sure what that first little thing was..I jsut got bored so I made it up as I was doing it lol

any-wayz. How is every one?

Im Good-ish

I went to a music store today and got to play this ReALLy expensive guitar. Lol
so that was kind of fun ^_^


1#What size shoe does Ronald Mcdonald wear?

2# Do you have “A.D.D” ? :O

3#Entomophobia? :O

Zombification Picture

Love and Peace


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