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Monday, January 9, 2006

MY FREAKIN INTERNET WAS DISCONNECTED FOR SO FREAKIN ,LONG IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT BUT WIYTHOUT IT I WOULD HAVE NEVER MET ANY OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE *HUGS YOU ALL *WELL ANYWAYS I WAS SO MAD IT WAS OUT OF MY MIND that i couldn't get on well i kept trying and trying and today it finally comes back so if i disapear i am mostlikey unable to access my internet sdo i sowwy my people i am very sorry but anyways THIS FREAKIN SITE NEEDS TO GET E-CARDS OF DEIDERA FROM NARUTO AND GET THEM FAST I LOVE DEIDERA AND HIS ROYAL SEXINESS! but meh boyfriuend much sexier XD yesh he is XD AND NO ONE KNOWS THAT BUT ME! well anyways while i was off internet privlages i got a magizine for a late christmAS PRESENT and i love it sdo much i look atg it all the time now and well it has too many pornoi giorls in there for my sister so i ghave to keep away from her and well it has some very cool spoilers for fullmetal alchemist which i am not giveing them away at all ever CAUSE THEY ONLY FOR ME TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!1 and yall to find out mwahahahahaha and also well allen got me a cosplayer book for all anime stuff and also i tryed out the video game kjingdom hearts and it is awesome i love it now i must go and buy it so i cvan finish it but anyways i love the game and it has great graphics and goood story line for it i haven't goten very far but i like it alot the main character is sora and you are on yer own island with yer friends kairi and riku and some other which i don't know their names at this moment well you do all this stuf to get a raft ready to get of the island but on the secojnd no the 3rd day a huge bad horible shadow comes and you have to fight it yourselgf along with little monsters geting in you way and once you defeat it you are transported to another world! it's crazy and goofy and donald are looking for a guy named leon WHICH HE LOOKS HOT!!!!!!!! but as i was saying leon is trying to get yer key blade from you and when you fight him no matter wht you don't stand a chance against him he beats you and takes yuo to a safe place and seperates you from your key blade but when you wake up he l\tells you that the key blade is whats makeing monsters follow you and you have to fight them he gives you somer tips on the fighting which really comesin handy by the way and then leaves you on yer won well thats how far i've gotten but i'm sure alot oc you know more but hey i just got the game and rented it and i ,ove it so much XD it's a cool game and if you haven't tryed it i hope you like the sound of it cause it's a great game for adventure type gamers well thats all for now see ya later taiters! but also i'm still logged on and and able to talk to anyone who wants to talk
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