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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   hey all
hey all my update on new anime shows
well they are starting to show one peice on tv at 3:30 in the afternoon now you cannwatch more onepeice then ever now it's a greta anime in my opinion but that is just me and if you don't know of it it is a anime show of pirate who go looking and every pirate is searching for one peicethe treasure of a thousand or so riches and it was hidden by a famous pirate whoended up being deheaded in other words he got his head chopped off it's all action luffy sets out to find a pirate crew he finds 3 people and keeps looking the three he finds are zolo nami and this one blonde guy and i can't member his name but anyways it's a awesome show you should watch it so go do it now i command you watch it lol just kidding

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