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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   On Top Of the World

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Hi, and welcome to my site! ^^

About the Layout: Features the "Sacred Maidens" from DN Angel, Risa and Riku (if you've seen the anime, you probably know what I mean). It's very centered, works with some div coding that I struggle with; hopefully I'm getting better.
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About Me:
Name: Meroko
Age: 14
Random: I like cats. ^^
I love writing, it's very precious to me-making another world.
I hope to be a published writer when I grow up.

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4) No Yaoi/Yuri (note: The last two rules are not to offend anyone but I'm a Christian and those are rules I follow)

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Date: 3/1/08
Title: On Top Of the World

God's given me a leap-day miracle. Yesterday, on the day that only comes around once every four years, I got together with Riku (as he code names still remains, lol)! Yes, Meroko Yui has a boyfriend. Wow. Last night, we were on three-way with a friend, and I was acting REALLY happy, and my friend said something that usually might have ticked me off, but I just said, "I don't care right now." Then he said, "She's on the top of the world, remember?"

So, I guess I am. Or at least my small part of the world. But I'm nervous too, since this is my first real "relationship."

Oh, and I want to promise you guys that this won't take too much time away from me bieng on TheOtaku or ShojoWorld. I will still get work done. Version Vibrant is coming, so I'm a bit hesitant to a requested layout (although I think the coding is the same...), but I will do it anyway. And I will definately get a newsletter out to the staff/volunteers. :-)

-Questions- (wow, three today!)
1. Are you excited for Version Vibrant? Nervous? Or both (like me)?
2. What are you plans for this weekend?
3. Did anything cool happen to you on leap day?

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