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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Accident prone, anyone?

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Date: 2/27/08
Title: Accident prone, anyone?

Hey guys! Thanks so much for bieng so understanding about the whole situation, I really appreciate it. The guy I was talking about? Well, I really shouldn't use his real name online, so animegal84119 came up with the idea to call him Riku, which means Sea (he likes to fish, lol.)

So, onto the namesake of this post, yesterday I fell down the stairs not once, but twice. Don't worry, I'm ok. The first time I fell I hurt my elbow, but it just has a reddish-brown mark that bled like the tiniest amount and hurts if I move my arm too much (not much today). The second time I kinda caught myself on my knees, so I was fine. And only the second one was at school.

So during prayer requests yesteday, I brought the whole thing up, half-jokingly and someone said I was accident prone and I thought, heck! I probably am. I seem to run into stuff all the time; praise the Lord I haven't broken something yet!

Well, I hope you found some enjoyment in the small rant about my clumsiness. Remember, an update really will be happening this weekend! ^^

1. Are you very corrdinated, or verty clumsy like me (or prehaps somewhere in the middle)?
2. If you had a choice: would you rather work with a laptob keyboard or a computer one? Or does it not matter to you?

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