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Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Hi, and welcome to my site! ^^

About the Layout: Features the "Sacred Maidens" from DN Angel, Risa and Riku (if you've seen the anime, you probably know what I mean). It's very centered, works with some div coding that I struggle with; hopefully I'm getting better.
The pictures featured in my layout are from: here

About Me:
Name: Meroko
Age: 14
Random: I like cats. ^^
I love writing, it's very precious to me-making another world.
I hope to be a published writer when I grow up.

1) No chain mail, please
2) Let's talk for a little bit, then I'll add you as a friend
3) No cussing
4) No Yaoi/Yuri (note: The last two rules are not to offend anyone but I'm a Christian and those are rules I follow)

I do now own/have any rights to any of the manga/anime mentioned/shown on this page, they are all owned by various people and companies. Nothing is bieng used for any commerical reasons, and so I think it falls under free use. If it does not, or if there is a porblem, please contact me here or at Meroko@ShojoWorld.com and the problem will be removed as soon as possible.

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Date: 2/24/08
Title: Excuses

I am SOO sorry guys. Not only do I keep randomly disseapering, not answering private messages or commenting, but I also have done no work for Shojo World. Would you like to hear my excuse? Promise you won't be mad?

A boy. There's this new guy I like, we talk on the phone and stuff and it distractsme alot. No we're not dating, he doesn't like me way (I got a "I want to get to know her better" when my friend asked him out for me...so is that good?). But I'm working on that.

So anyway, I know it's a horrible excuse, but I thought you guys should know the main reason why I've been totally out of it. But I promise, next weekend, there WILL be SOME kind of update.

Do you think you could private message me? I forgot to reply to some and stuff, and I'm currently not getting any. -__- I promise, I'll work harder on actually replying.

1. Do you get easily distracted by the opposite gender?
2. So what's up with you? What have I missed? Art and stuff I should comment on?

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