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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   Drama is not my friend

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Date: 1/9/08
Title: Drama is not my friend

Sorry I haven't been around too much the last couple days. School's been....drama filled. I do like bieng around my friends again, but the boys...

So, the resolution thing isn't going so well. Though it's not entirely my fault (*cough*time of the month*cough*), I still should be able to keep my emotions more under control.

Ok, let's talk about happier things!!! I started reading New Moon (sequel to Twilight) either Saturday or Sunday night, it's really great. I'm worried I'm zooming through the series too fast, I want to enjoy it.

1. Is your school very dramatic?
2. You're forced to be stranded on an island. What anime character would you want with you on that island, and why?

P.S For those of you from my last post who ate the muffin, it explodes! MUWHHAAA. But don't worry, it just knocks you asleep for like an hour.

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