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Monday, September 15, 2008

   The Cold Light of Morning...
Mood: Hungry!
Music: DHT "Listen To Your Heart"

Well, I had a fun weekend. We went to Daku's house Friday night. Actually, as soon as we left the college, we went to Ft. Smith. I finally found a locket! I've been looking for one ever since my old one broke, which was back when I was in elementary school. Now I actually have someone to put in my locket. Unfortunately, I have to put the locket on a chain, and put a clasp on the chain. The locket came in a pack of three, so I'm keeping one, making one for my mom for Christmas, and I don't know what to do with the third. Anyways, after we got done in Ft. Smith, we went to his house and sat up all night talking. He even stayed in the guest room with me to sleep!

Saturday, we went back to Ft. Smith with his mom and little sisters. We went to a restaraunt called El Zarape for Ceara's birthday. She's a friend of the family. Anyways, we headed back to the college after that because Hurricane Ike was sending bad weather our way, and we wanted to beat it to the school. We got stopped by a cop because several people called in and reported Daku for weaving. It was windy and he drives a '93 van, so you do the math! The cop let us go. We finally got back to the college, and I wasn't staying in my room alone during the bad weather, so I stayed in his room all night. Tobi goes home every weekend. Anyways, it was nice. We watched 13 Going On 30.

Sunday, I pretty much hung out with Daku again. I made a stamp for ceramics. It has this tribal phoenix on it, and on the other end is my little symbol that I usually put after my name. So happy that's done! We went to free movie weekend and watched Babylon A.D. Most Kick-ass Movie EVER!! The ending was weird, though. Not bad, just randomly weird.

Oh! The drama mentioned in my last post is pretty much blown over. Ugh! I hate drama! You think that once you graduate from high school, all the drama's over, but no! Some people just can't grow the hell up! Stupid people. *kicks people*

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~I'm going to form an army of puppets! And then, I'm going to take over the entirety of humanity and make MORE puppets! And then I'm going to have some yellow cake with chocolate frosting.~~¤

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