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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mood: RANT TIME!!!
Music: Rammstein "Feuer Frei"

So, as my mood proclaims, I'm going to rant. Bare with me, please...

First of all, there has been someone on my floor messing with what I write on my door. I wrote that I kissed a blond and liked it, because Daku is blond. Well, whoever keeps messing with it will replace the o in blond with an i, they will simply erase the o, they will write "Who cares?", and they will erase the entire message. Frankly, I'm pissed. The next time they mess with it, I'm writing: "If what I write on my board offends you, GET OVER IT!! This is college, so either grow the hell up or go back to kindergarten."

Secondly, one of my friends put up a status message today on Facebook that said he wished his wife (or whatever she is) would act right, and that she had given up their daughter for drugs and sex. I commented and told him I was sorry to hear about it. She commented and told me I "don't know shit...stay out of it...k." So I commented again and told her, "I may not know everything, but I do know that if you have a daughter, you should take care of her, not give her up for drugs and sex." Then another of my friends commented and basically agreed with me. I mean, come on, do you know what I would give to have a kid? I want a child of my own so badly! Unfortunately, Daku and I aren't married yet (not even really engaged!), and we're still in college...

Thirdly, I sent out a mass email on the U of O campus email server trying to sell this universal converter/adapter set. I send out this email once a week. Well, this one girl who's pretty much a HUUUUUUGE bitch replies, "asking" me to stop sending her the email. She also said that I was "spamming" everyone trying to sell this thing, and that I needed to try selling it somewhere else. Ok, it's not like I'm sending this out 50 times a day! I know people who send out emails way more frequently than I do that are quite a bit more annoying. Daku also told me that people have been attacking HIM about my email. Come on, people, if you're going to attack someone, attack the offender, not a third party!

Fourth, and this really isn't much of a rant, I accidentally broke the handle off of one of my mugs. I went in there a few minutes ago to check on it, and when I set it back down, I accidentally bumped the handle against another of my mugs, and the handle just fell to pieces. I wanted to just sit down and cry!! I had to spend an extra couple of minutes breaking up that mug and putting it into a giant bucket of water so it could be recycled...I still want to cry, mainly because I have to make a whole new mug....

The stupidity of humanity sometimes astounds me...

Well, stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Coin-operated boy, sitting on a shelf, I put in a coin, and watch him come to life~~¤

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