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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

   A Place To Call Home...
Mood: Squee!
Music: Rammstein "Feuer Frei"

Well, I'm back in college! So glad to be back, too. I've been here since Sunday, the 24th. I started classes today. I had Ceramics 1 at 9:30, and I have Judaism, Chritianity, and Islam at 1. Yes, it's all one class. It's a religion class. Tomorrow I have Watercolor at 10 and American History 1 at 1. Ah, such a fun schedule.

I got to go see Tropic Thunder Sunday night. We had a free movie night, so me and Daku went to see that. It was worth going! It made me want to adopt a Vietnamese baby so that I can train it to attack people. Anyways, me and Daku have been able to hang out quite a bit. Mostly in his room, because the area where his bed is has a door. The rooms in MacLean Hall have a common room and 2 bedrooms. I'm stuck back in Smith. Tobi's my roommate. We decided to bunk our beds. Ah, the floor space! We're eventually going to hang posters...

Well, I gotta go. Stay classy, Otakuites!

¤~~Do we know where we fly, where do we go when we die?~~¤

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