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Monday, October 8, 2007

   From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness...
Mood: Squiggidy-squee!
Music: Coheed and Cambria's "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One" album

Yeah, I just got this cd! I finally found me some C&C! And it just now got to "Welcome Home", which is (so far) my favorite C&C song! I wish I could find more of their albums. Especially the one with "A Favor House Atlantic"...So, this cd won't be leaving my cd player for a while!
*dances around*

Me and Mantha went to R-ville this afternoon to turn in the paperwork for our passports, only to discover that the post office was closed due to Columbus Day. Who celebrates Columbus Day anymore?! I mean, if the post office closes for it, shouldn't school close, as well? But I digress...It was a wasted journey, and we shall make the trip yet again on the morrow. It's not all that far. Thirty minutes on the interstate. I'm not complaining about the drive. I'm complaining about the waste of gas...T_T

Well, I've nothing else to say. Wait, I do! I'll be participating in a "bed race"! Oh, get your minds out of the gutter! The bed race is a tradition here at the U of O, wherein the residence halls all compete. It will be held Saturday, during the events of Family Weekend. My mommy and daddy are coming that day. Well, mommy is, I'm not sure about daddy. Okay, the bed race. Basically, they take a metal bedframe, rig it to a bicycle, get a driver, and get some people to push it. I have been elected as Smith Hall's driver. I saw a picture of it a few minutes ago. I believe I'm going to die. With my luck, it's very possible. Yippee!

Okay, now I'm finished with the typing of the keys to form the words in which you read about my daily goings-on. Stay classy, otakuites!
¤~~You choked off the surest of favors, but if you really loved me, you would've endured my world~~¤

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