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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yatta! 500 Visits!
Oh, wow, I totally forgot to post last night. When I meant to. ^^;; Oops. Ah, well, I'm posting now, aren't I? Yes! ^^

I really have nothing to say other than that I have ... 507 visits. ^^ Wow, I don't know how that happened so fast. I never got to update you people that I had 400 visits ... Dang.

But, hey, if I'm getting visits that fast, I might be up to 1,000 soon! ^^ I won't hold my breath, though. If it took THIS long to get to 500 (OMG, it's been over a year since I've joined!), then I don't think it will just fly by.

BUT. You never know, do you?

I still can't believe it's been over a WHOLE year since my joining the site ... Exactly one year and 20 days SINCE I joined. That is, from this day.

Man! I missed my one-year anniversary by 20 days! >.< Damn. Oh well.

Happy One-Year Aniversary to me!

And Happy 500 Visits!

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