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Friday, March 21, 2008

me n my bear

+ Name: Robert
+ Gender: Mellow sk8-3r
+ Birthday: 11\08\88
+ Location: Inside thoughts
+ Occupation: Me-ae's husband, skateboarder, poet,Mc ,lover.
+ Achievements: Being able to see
what other people are afraid
to notice, Not being a follower
but a leader in my own way.
+ Goals: To be with my wife and
live a long life.

Favorite Anime


+peace maker+

+elfen lied+

+air gear+

+wolfs rain+

+death note+




♥Konnichiha my fellow thrashers of society i'm Robert♥
just your mellow skater living within his own tunes
and i have a girlfriend (Odetojoy) who i love to death!!!:)

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[Half/Reality: chap-6

-Within me-

I have never been much of a people person due to the reason i was always scared what one might think of me. Even now i watch my spirit and keep it from going to far inside the comments others may feed me...

But with her she sees all of me.

[This emotion....

Fuji:*tugs on her shirt a bit as he grows limp*

Mitsko:*looks deep into his eyes as her lips touch off of his* What do you feel for me?

Fuji:*shyly looks at her knowing what not to say* I-I don't know...I feel as if i don't want you to go..

Mitsko:*rubs his ears as she smiles sweetly* Do you love me?

Fuji:*becomes bright red and looks away* ......uh

Mitsko:*leans into his ear and whispers* your such a fluffy little teddy bear *hugs tight*

Fuji:*embraces her* Mitsko.

[So this is what it means to be happy...

At this moment nothing matters but the fact that her and i stand as one. I don't feel as if i should run in a shell...I feel like myself.

How lovely.

[Her name is Rosa....

Mitsko:*lets go quickly and looks into the darkness* Sister...

Fuji:*places a hand on Mitsko shoulder* uh..Mitsko

Mitsko:*turns to him with tears in her eyes* Run !!

Fuji:*confused* ..??

Mitsko:*spreads her arms and stands in front of Fuji* Sister no!!!

Fuji: Sister?*Suddenly is hit with an massive wave of force sending him smashing into the metal rails that cover the outer walls of the subway* ACK!!!
*falls to his knees trembling as pain shoots through his body*

Mitsko: Sister don't do that i like him i like this one please don't hurt him!!

[In the deep dark mist she stands with long tainted hair...

Rosa:*grabs Mitsko by her throat lifting her off her feet* Your words mean nothing.

Mitsko:*grabs onto Rosa's arm* he's my other half please don't *struggles to get free*

Rosa:*grips tighter and throws Mitsko to the ground* Stand aside. *Starts walking towards Fuji*

Mitsko:*hits the ground and rolls onto her side* ....

Fuji:*grabs onto his ribs as he grasp for air* That women nearly killed me with that one punch...*gets to his feet* this isn't good.

Rosa:*Stands face to face with Fuji* She will be free in 3 years *glares* this is when the likes of you can have her.

[There is always someone willing to take a dream to good to be true...

There is no way i can beat this women and if i try I'll most likely die. So do i turn my back and return to what little i have or should i risk it all?

Here i go.

[I never think twice...

Fuji:*holds rib cage* I want to see her now.

Rosa:*disappears than appears right in front of Fuji and kicks him in the chin making him flip* Didn't you hear me cat *glares down at him*

Fuji:*wobbles to his feet and gets eye to eye with her* All i want is to be with her thats all.

Rosa:*back hands him to the ground* 1000 days. Thats the deal.

Fuji:You think I'll let you just take her? *gets to his knees*

Rosa:Do you have a choice.

Fuji:*gets to his feet and stands ready as his eyes dim a hue red* Actually i do. *rushes forward*

-Come get some.

=========[END chap 6=[Mellow's rant:

Well looks like we meet someone new how lovely^^

Laterz jets'


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98% of teens say "I love you" ... but only 2% actually mean it, if you are part of that 2% add this to your profile...P.s i'm part of that 2% XD Love you baby!!!<3

[hate to put these up but i have to]

1.) dont talk shit about my wifey or im kickn ur ass...[then shes kicken ur ass]
2.) respect me & ill respect u
3.) no chain letters, drama, XXX rated shit. this is a happy place [sorry 4 all the cussing...het used to it]
5.) & to all those who i consider my friends, ill treat you like family. so plz treat me the same so we can built a great foundation.
6.)peace n love lets keep this place mellow

Mellowthrasher Robert
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