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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

me n my bear

+ Name: Robert
+ Gender: Mellow sk8-3r
+ Birthday: 11\08\88
+ Location: Inside thoughts
+ Occupation: Me-ae's husband, skateboarder, poet,Mc ,lover.
+ Achievements: Being able to see
what other people are afraid
to notice, Not being a follower
but a leader in my own way.
+ Goals: To be with my wife and
live a long life.

Favorite Anime


+peace maker+

+elfen lied+

+air gear+

+wolfs rain+

+death note+




♥Konnichiha my fellow thrashers of society i'm Robert♥
just your mellow skater living within his own tunes
and i have a girlfriend (Odetojoy) who i love to death!!!:)

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My Pictures
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[Half/Reality : chap-5

-Freedom fighter-

..Is anything worth fighting for pointless? Reality is neither a joy ride or is it a gothic wonder but still there is death. Humanity itself dreams of beauty but yet is the destroyer of anything unlike itself...with change there is no growth.

Is it pointless to reach for a single hand in such a crowd?

[My body feels heavy....

Fuji:*Breaths slow as he makes his way down the narrow tunnel*(sniffs) Shes close...

=At the lad=

Fran:*Walks calmly through the doors*

Doctor G:*caught a bit off guard and nearly falls out of his chair* Oh uhm ..hey Fran what brings you down here at such an hour?

Fran:*looks at him with a sharp stare* Fuji has gotten out of my reach somehow and i need to get him back.

Doctor G.(gulps) uhm.. how? if you don't mind me asking ^^'

Fran:*looks at him without saying a word*

Doctor G:(gulps)...

Fran:Now what should concern you is that your job is on the line *glares* project 233 is out running loose and the person who will have to answer for any mess he may make is you *grips his shirt tightly and gets nose to nose with him* Now how about you get to thinking on how you can get him back ok Greg *pats his head*

Doctor G: uh...*gets himself together* yes miss Fran.

=Back to Fuji=

Fuji:(sniffs)she should be just around this corner *presses firmly against his wounds and starts to jog* shes just ahead now ...*picks up speed*


As the light touches unto my face there she stands just a bit in the distance. Deep in the darkness she stands in a red dress as red roses grow around her ankles...this is her.

This is my other.

[Run run as fast as you can....

Fuji:*runs* Mitsko!!

Mitsko:*smiles* you came.

Fuji:(a little out of breath)Yeah.

Mitsko:*walks up to him* I'm happy now *wraps her arms around him*

Fuji:*gets red in the face* Uh...Mitsko..

[This feelings....

Right now my heart is racing and my words seem yo be a bit harder to say then normal. For some reason i just can't think clearly at the moment and even when i try her eyes catch me off track.

What is happening?

[I'm numb...

Mitsko:I see that your hurt *places her hand over it*

Fuji:uh just a little its nothing really.

Mitsko:*looks at him sadly* I don't like you hurt. *starts to heal him*

Fuji: I'm sorry...*looks down a bit*

Mitsko:*picks up his chin and places her hand on his face* your so cute.

Fuji:*bright red* huh?

Mitsko:So cute *kisses him passionately*

============[End chap 5]

Well now ain't this something. Heh i won't even say no more but make sure you don't miss out on the next chapter.

Stay tune'

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98% of teens say "I love you" ... but only 2% actually mean it, if you are part of that 2% add this to your profile...P.s i'm part of that 2% XD Love you baby!!!<3

[hate to put these up but i have to]

1.) dont talk shit about my wifey or im kickn ur ass...[then shes kicken ur ass]
2.) respect me & ill respect u
3.) no chain letters, drama, XXX rated shit. this is a happy place [sorry 4 all the cussing...het used to it]
5.) & to all those who i consider my friends, ill treat you like family. so plz treat me the same so we can built a great foundation.
6.)peace n love lets keep this place mellow

Mellowthrasher Robert
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