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Saturday, December 22, 2007

me n my bear

+ Name: Robert
+ Gender: Mellow sk8-3r
+ Birthday: 11\08\88
+ Location: Inside thoughts
+ Occupation: Me-ae's husband, skateboarder, poet,Mc ,lover.
+ Achievements: Being able to see
what other people are afraid
to notice, Not being a follower
but a leader in my own way.
+ Goals: To be with my wife and
live a long life.

Favorite Anime


+peace maker+

+elfen lied+

+air gear+

+wolfs rain+

+death note+




♥Konnichiha my fellow thrashers of society i'm Robert♥
just your mellow skater living within his own tunes
and i have a girlfriend (Odetojoy) who i love to death!!!:)

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My Pictures
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[What is to become of me...? ]

In the years of my youth i had dreams of becoming a great man who had stories of the past curled up in his massive hand;
I use to believe that when i became elder in age my household would be that to compare of a remarkable castle in New England;
But instead i became a lost boy who wished for his dreams to be read.

What is to become of me?

When childhood friends flew off to distance lands i thought i would be able to spread my wings as well;
As the setting set in for those who were ready to continue i was left behind as a reminder for future failures;
Over the years it became harder to face myself in the mirror due to my position in life.

What is to become of me?

Maybe i kept my head too far up within the clouds or maybe i was meant for this role;
A pathway to a hellish storm of confusion just with a hint of a lonesome vain taste of irony;
I'm like that bitter old fool you wish you never laid eye upon because now your afraid to catch his disease.

Is this my role?

Lost in the gutter of light and found in the pit of pitiful wonders as if i was poison for success.

God please save this lost lamb.

~Robert Burton
My Avi
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98% of teens say "I love you" ... but only 2% actually mean it, if you are part of that 2% add this to your profile...P.s i'm part of that 2% XD Love you baby!!!<3

[hate to put these up but i have to]

1.) dont talk shit about my wifey or im kickn ur ass...[then shes kicken ur ass]
2.) respect me & ill respect u
3.) no chain letters, drama, XXX rated shit. this is a happy place [sorry 4 all the cussing...het used to it]
5.) & to all those who i consider my friends, ill treat you like family. so plz treat me the same so we can built a great foundation.
6.)peace n love lets keep this place mellow

Mellowthrasher Robert
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