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Monday, November 26, 2007

me n my bear

+ Name: Robert
+ Gender: Mellow sk8-3r
+ Birthday: 11\08\88
+ Location: Inside thoughts
+ Occupation: Me-ae's husband, skateboarder, poet,Mc ,lover.
+ Achievements: Being able to see
what other people are afraid
to notice, Not being a follower
but a leader in my own way.
+ Goals: To be with my wife and
live a long life.

Favorite Anime


+peace maker+

+elfen lied+

+air gear+

+wolfs rain+

+death note+




♥Konnichiha my fellow thrashers of society i'm Robert♥
just your mellow skater living within his own tunes
and i have a girlfriend (Odetojoy) who i love to death!!!:)

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One of my close friends once told me that if i truly saw your heart for what i held it for then i would wait for your vision to catch sight of mine;
Those words filled my ears as i slowly began to smile due to the news;
If all i have to do is wait for you to catch your breath then sweet heart I'll wait forever.

Till time itself restarts....

I'm thankful to have the light that you see me in and well that tells me all i need to know;
Nothing too good comes at you quickly without you having to reach for it;
Everything worth wild comes with a small amount of work.

And sweetheart there's nothing i wouldn't do for you....

Just having your company is enough to turn my day into "sunny times";
So i must agree there is no reason to rush but a time to enjoy each others company just a bit longer;
I believe that anything worth waiting for is something worth seeing out.

It's amazing even now i can't stop smiling like a kid with a new toy...

I will be there when you call so never worry about the distance that may grow;
I will pick up your spirits when they are low so don't worry bad days won't last long if i can help your day better;
What can i say I'm a simple guy who follows only what he knows is real....

And Amaris your worth it.

~Robert F. Burton.
Profile of poem:

I won't say much on this one but I'll let you know that the poem is about true love but in a sense to where since the love is so strong it must first be found out a little be longer before either party gives in. Like this poem is the guy or girl telling the one they care for that no matter want I'll be there just for you even in rain or snow. I rather like this poem since it has a strong value from who i am myself...

Enjoy my fellow pals of Myo.
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98% of teens say "I love you" ... but only 2% actually mean it, if you are part of that 2% add this to your profile...P.s i'm part of that 2% XD Love you baby!!!<3

[hate to put these up but i have to]

1.) dont talk shit about my wifey or im kickn ur ass...[then shes kicken ur ass]
2.) respect me & ill respect u
3.) no chain letters, drama, XXX rated shit. this is a happy place [sorry 4 all the cussing...het used to it]
5.) & to all those who i consider my friends, ill treat you like family. so plz treat me the same so we can built a great foundation.
6.)peace n love lets keep this place mellow

Mellowthrasher Robert
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