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Thursday, November 1, 2007

me n my bear

+ Name: Robert
+ Gender: Mellow sk8-3r
+ Birthday: 11\08\88
+ Location: Inside thoughts
+ Occupation: Me-ae's husband, skateboarder, poet,Mc ,lover.
+ Achievements: Being able to see
what other people are afraid
to notice, Not being a follower
but a leader in my own way.
+ Goals: To be with my wife and
live a long life.

Favorite Anime


+peace maker+

+elfen lied+

+air gear+

+wolfs rain+

+death note+




♥Konnichiha my fellow thrashers of society i'm Robert♥
just your mellow skater living within his own tunes
and i have a girlfriend (Odetojoy) who i love to death!!!:)

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Date: 11/01/07 (Thu)

Time: 12:02 am

Chapter:10 Battle war cry.

(Death is failure to living and living is a failure to Die i never understood this rule and i won't begin to start now)

Loki:*overcome with dolls*......



Ace:Damn! *tries another attempt to break free from spell*

(I refuse to be a ghost)

Loki:I AM LAW!!! *strikes ground with palm lifting the surface about 3 feet*

Ace/Milo/Sunflower: 0.o

Loki:*stands in the middle surrounded by at least a dozen soulless dolls plus Gracie who hangs just outside the group* I am your justice!!! *light shines around Loki as massive pressure hits the air*

Grace:(grr) *sneaks out through a crack and leaves from battle*

Soulless doll (zen):*rushes forward leading claws in front* All i want is your blood!!!!!

Loki:*places hand in front of himself and blows soulless doll to dust*

Ace:What is this power?!

Milo:....Thank god *takes a sigh of relief*

Flower:There you go brother get stronger *smiles cheerfully*

(Life is like a movie almost, my favorite movies are those that are real but at the same time almost god-like)

Loki:*puts both of his hands in the air* In winter I am Warmth, In Autumn i am Spring, In Summer I'm the burst of light *fur starts to turn gold as small sparks being to shoot from his body* I AM THE GREAT FOX OF THE NORTH HEAR MY WAR CRY!!!!!!!!!*slaps hands together as a sound wave begins to form* SONIC BOOM!!

All of the soulless dolls: *leap at Loki with fangs and claws but are blow to dust within MERE secondS*

-Calm silence overcomes the area-


Milo:*waits for some sign of her love one*

Ace: You got this dude come on...come on

(Back at home my friend and i always watched this anime called "Outlaw star" it had us caught from show to show until it's final day, I know it may sound silly but the main guy always got me so intense with whatever i was doing)

Loki:*stands without a mark* Hey guys

Ace:*able to move now*Hey how am i able to move?

Flower:*jumps on Loki's back* Yeah how so?

Loki:Gracie had a spell of some sort i think but lets not worry about that now*thinks for a moment* not know ok.

Milo:*Grabs Loki's hand* Yeah lets get those E-11's things *smiles and tilts head on Loki's shoulder*

Ace:*smirks* Yup .

Flower:*Hugs Loki's head* I'm happy you didn't get hurt brother *nuzzles*

Loki:Same here *smiles*

Milo:Same here.

Loki/Milo:*hold hands*

(I liked that anime because it was real pain but at the same time pure joy and in the end of it all the show kind of gave me a real role model)

========End chapter 10==================>

-Author's notes-

Hm well i feel good about this one because i got to put more of myself into my work this^^

Well hope you like guys.


~Robert a.k.a Mellowthrasher
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6.)peace n love lets keep this place mellow

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