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Friday, July 6, 2007


I'm back! Sorry I wasn't on for a
while. It was because of my cruise vacation, which was a little dull. I liked my
first cruise better. ^^' I didn't post/comment on the days before that because I
was on a roll on the RPG Baten Kaitos...which you heard me babble about before
so I'll shut my mouth now.

I'll tell you about the cruise,


On Saturday, we went to the cruise
and practically did nothing...just explored the ship and all. The food there was
good, but not as good as our last cruise. Maybe because we took our last cruise
with friends. But we had our room on the 11th deck, the highest deck, and we had
a huge window with a great view of the sea, which gave me a headache so it's
probably not that great. ^^; A lot of the employees there were Filipino, so we
kept saying hi.


On Sunday it was a practically do
nothing day again. We went swimming but it was so cold outside that we quit
after 30 minutes. I went on the big slide...It's so fun! Except for the fact
that you have to climb all the way up the stairs so that we can get to the
slide. It was freakin' windy out there! We watched a show starring the Victory
Dancers. You know, they're the dancers that entertain people every night. The
cruise director, Malcolm said that the costumes were very light, so he advised
that the parents would not bring the young kids. He added in to bring a 14 year
old boy, because he would love it XD


We went to St. John's and went on
this tour around the place. It was a little boring, but when we stopped at a
market, I bought these Amethyst earrings. It said that it'd protect you from
headaches and stress, and it would help you make good decisions. I like
Amethysts, even though they aren't my birthstone. We went and saw the magic show
that night. It was hilarious for a magic show! There was this one freaky trick
when the guy's assistants put him in this box and a girl went right through him.
It's really really weird...


We went to Halifax, Nova Scotia,
Canada. We just went on a horse-drawn trolley, and toured around the town. It
was kind of boring, and we practically did nothing that day, too.


We barely did anything that day,
too. We just got ready to go home, and my dad promised me that he'll buy me
Naruto: Ninja Council 3 if I beat in at Air Hockey. I beat him! Yay!


We went home, and once I got home
I played Baten Kaitos again, and that's why I didn't post that day. From about
11:00 to 9:00, I played it. Guess what? I beat it! It was a really sad ending,
so right now I feel like changing my theme for a short time to Baten Kaitos.
Depending on how much money Baten Kaitos: Origins costs, (I have $110 now!) I'll
get that game, too! ^^

That's practically it! I'll start
getting myself back into myOtaku mood once I get settled down, kk?

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