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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okay. I just came home from
Kelly's Pool Party. ^^ It was really fun. The boys that were also in the pool
next door was splashing us with water because we said that Patty loved her. The
truth was that she had a crush on one of them in first grade. We were also
trying dragging each other around the pool...also ~we got some water balloons
and threw them at each other...my skin feels really dry. ^^;

I downloaded the first ending of
Naruto. It's a really great song ^^

After I'm done on the computer I'm
going back on my Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean streak. My
sister read the guide on the computer and she's trying to spill spoilers to me.
She already spilled enough! I'm the player, here!!! RPGs aren't the same if you
play with a guide, you know? But in the middle of the game the Main Character,
Kalas ended up being the traitor they've been thinking about...He abandoned us!
My sister said that in the end, I (In this game you're this Guardian Spirit that
goes with someone) still end up with Kalas. I say no. The other Main Character,
Xelha, is way better.

Well, Manga Camp today was really
fun. We might draw someone from Naruto. We also might draw Cloud! ^^ I'm getting
a little better.

Hahaha...I don't have anything
else to talk about, so sorry for the lack of content this post has today.


1 - Have you ever heard the song
From Yesterday from 30 Seconds to Mars?

2 - Are you going to swim any time

Thank you all for commenting!




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Monday, June 25, 2007


Sorry about the short post
yesterday. ^^

Okay, so today we went to manga
camp. It was so fun! Our councilor is so hilarious! He's a pretty good artist,
too. I'm getting a little better at drawing now. We made a chibi Spiderman at
the end of the day. It was so weird...the head and eyes were ultra huge. Not
just huge, ultra huge. O.o

I need to talk more about what was
going on yesterday. I forgot what I was going to talk about already. ^^;

Oh, yeah, on Saturday our parents
didn't know where we should go eat, so they went to a friend of ours party just
for the free food. They didn't tell us until we arrived at their home, so I had
nothing to do. We ate a little, then we went upstairs with my friend Jillainne,
and we played Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2. That room that had the Game Cube was as
messy as hell! There was candy all over the place, they didn't put their games
in the cases, and one of the controllers was missing a control stick. O.o They
didn't even unlock everything in the Clash of Ninja game.

So I played Jillianne's Naruto:
Ninja Council 3 on DS instead. It is a fun game! She said that there's
Itachi-kun in there, so now I want it, too! I might use the money I've been
saving up. Heck, a new game system can wait. I need a game that has Itachi in
it!!! *stares at picture of Itachi in computer background*

Tomorrow I'm going to a friend of
mine - Kelly's - pool party. My sister isn't going but some of my friends are.

Another reminder, I'm not going to
post on Saturday and the week that follows. When I come back from the cruise
I'll tell you guys all about it!

Questions...Screw Questions.

Thanks for commenting!


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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Sorry that I wasn't able to
post/comment yesterday. I had a busy day and all, and I was on a Baten Kaitos:
Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean streak. It's a great game, but today I got
stuck at the same place where I always get stuck at. No wonder I never beat the
game yet.

Oh, yeah, Sorry about the
spoilers, LordSesshomaru!

Well, as you might have heard from
my sister, we're going on a cruise I think from this Saturday till the next
week. So, I won't be able to post/comment again. ^^ I'll tell you all about it
when we come home. Last time we went on a cruise it was at the Caribbean, but
this cruise is bigger and we don't have to go on a plane to get there! YAY!

Ah, man, I've got to go eat so
this'll be really short. Ja ne!

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Friday, June 22, 2007


I feel so scared. I just read the
new Naruto Manga on SaiyanIsland...they had something about Itachi, I'm happy
about that, and Deidara lived to see another chapter...What I'm scared about is
what's going to happen in the next chapter because at the end it said that
'Deidara Prepares to make his final explosion'. He ate this weird clay...In his
own mouth. I'm so scared right now.

I barely did anything today... ^^
Well this morning I woke up, ate breakfast and played solitaire.

Then I played Mario Party 8. I
decided to do a Fifty turn party to pass the time. In the end I won with 14
stars. I feel sorry for the cpu character Dry Bones, because he lost with only 1
star. If you ask me, he has ultra bad luck for being a cpu character.

I have nothing much to talk about.
I just came home from my violin lessons and we're going to to go the priest that
was transferred's rectory. I guess its just a get together, but I really want to
stay home...

It's a short post...Hehe...

A long time ago I recall posting
down that I might completely change my planned story line for my novel into
something nearly entirely different. I got the character's names down for the
alternative storyline. When I find the time I'm going to write down the entire
summary for the story in my Fanfiction Notebook. ^^

Oh, yeah, I think next week we're
going to go to the camp. Manga Camp. ^^ It's brand new, and I hope I would see
some other Manga-crazy people there. It's only for the week, and the only
unfortunate thing is that we have to wake up early.

Oh, yeah, about the riddle, I
still didn't get it. That's why I asked you. I looked it up on the Internet but
still no answers. Tough luck, huh?

Oh, yeah, and Ninja Lover,
DNAngel's a great manga! The anime mixed it all up, so I reccomend the manga
over the anime. ^^

I tried to cheer myself up. I'm
still scared!

Oh, yeah, I'm deciding to post a
picture from the manga here...^^


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
If that clears some things up for
some people, it looks (and apparently is) like Deidara's a boy. Spread the word!


1 - So, read the Naruto Manga yet?

2 - Any plans for next week?

Thank you all for commenting!


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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Nothing much happened
today/yesterday. We're just playing video games and doing nothing the entire

Yesterday I watched the 4th Volume
of DNAngel Anime. The weird girl, Hio, is freaky. The English voice for her is
pretty good, but I prefer the Japanese version. I think they use the same voice
as Fai (Tsubasa) and Ed (FMA) for Dark. That's weird. They don't sound a like...

I've got nothing to type

Oh, yeah, remember when I
mentioned Trace Memory? I scanned through the Online Guide again and it turned
out that I could restore all of D's Memories. It sucked, because I didn't so I
have to replay them. I didn't read anything about D's memories in the guide, or
else I would have spoiled everything. I'm going to play  Trace Memory when
I feel like it again.

I'm on a Baten Kaitos: Eternal
Wings and the  Lost Ocean streak. I wouldn't call it a streak, since this
is practically my 3rd playthrough. I always get stuck at this point so I start
over again...and as I said this is my 3rd time starting over. I still never get
bored of replaying  that  game...I still need to beat it, though. I
should ultra-train before I fight the boss that I always get stuck on. The music
in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is amazing, though. The songs
really get stuck in my head.

I want to get myself back into

Oh, well. I don't have much to
type about...people are right, after a while Summer Vacation gets boring. The
good thing is that there's no school during it!


1 - Can you answer this riddle for

I'm sometimes
white, and always wrong. I can break a heart and hurt the strong. I can build
love and tear it down. I can make a smile, but more often bring a frown. What am

(I came across this riddle while playing Shinobi Legends)

2 - Are you bored out of hell?

Thanks for Commenting!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Sorry that I wasn't able to post
the past few days and comment the past few days. I should be able to
post/comment a little more regularly now that all the confusion is over in our

Yesterday we went to Jilleanne's
house to go swimming. She has a nice house and a great pool. It goes from 3 feet
and slopes right down to 11 feet...O.o We kept jumping from the diving board,
too. We all jumped at the same time and made a huge splash ^^

That was the last day I would see
my best friend Kim until next year. I can't wait to see her again!

Just saying that while we were
eating some sort of ice cream that Jilleanne's mom made, we were talking about
the girls that were swimming in the pool across the street. Carlos said that
they were weird. My sis said that we were weirder. Carlos said that we were
weird in a funny way, because one of the girls kept singing, "SURFING USA!!!"
Next thing you know, the girl started screaming, "SURFING USA!!!" again, as if
she heard us. Talk about a coincidence.

I'm still Level 1 Chuunin in
Shinobi Legends. I can't seem to get anywhere! O.o

It's a pretty short post, seeing I
don't have much to talk about. ^^


1 - Are you going swimming some
time son?

2 - Have you ever heard of the
Shoes Video? (XD that's hilarious)

Thank you all for commenting!


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Sunday, June 17, 2007


OK, sorry I wasn't able to
comment/post the past few days. A lot's been going on this weekend, so, yeah.

I changed the text since some
people couldn't read it. This one should be a little more readable.

First of all, I saw my best
friend that moved on Friday at the Carnival. She's not as different as I thought
she would be, but she's a little different. This afternoon a lot of my friends
are coming over for a sleepover to celebrate her coming back to NJ this summer.
Can't wait! Also, before I went to the Carnival, I got a new game. Mario Party
8! It's a Mario game, but it's still fun, especially since it's for the Wii.
There was this game where you and your teammate had to row a boat to the island,
but my sister quit in the middle of it...so I had to row by myself. I actually
won, but my arms grew really sore...

Nothing much happened on
Saturday...I still had no time to post and stuff, since my mom was rushed to get
everything ready for the sleepover.

Oh, yeah, I also read the Naruto
Manga. I am so upset. I just set up a theme on Deidara, and he might die! If he
dies, Sasuke's going down. I hope Tobi saves DeiDei-chan.

I might post again later today,

Oh, yeah, my sister downloaded
this song from the band Evanescence. It's called Sweet Sacrifice. I might make a
songfic about that one, since it fits Sasuke and Itachi...a bit too much. Still
brainstorming though.

Oh, wait, some stuff happened on
Thursday, too. I finished watching .hack//Legend of Twilight. It was a good
ending ^^

One day I'm going to Barnes and
Nobles to get more Manga. I need a new one badly.


1 - Can you read this text?

2 - Have you read the Naruto

3 - Have you heard the song Sweet

Thank you all for commenting!


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Thursday, June 14, 2007


As you can see, I changed my theme
again. I'm just wondering if this text is readable. If it isn't them tell me!
Well, I hope you like the theme! And extra thanks to GIDRA for the wallpaper
again! You're amazing!

I have to do this in a hurry, seeing
that I'm actually posting a lot later than usual.

Well, tomorrow's the last day of school,
and I can't wait! I'm so excited to run out and scream, "I'M FREE!!!"

Well, last night I stayed up mainly
because I was almost done with the RPG Trace Memory. It's such a great game! In
the end, I saw a birthday cake (the RPG takes place during the main character's
birthday) and I had no idea what to do with it. So I put my DS on sleep, hooked
it up to the recharger, and fell asleep. Next morning when I opened my DS again,
I still had no idea what to do with it...until I realized that I had to blow the
candles out. XD I'm such an idiot. Anyway, if you have a DS I highly recommend
Trace Memory. It's a mystery game, and...for one thing, it's just great, and the
DS just makes it even better. I mean, at the end of chapters the character
reminds herself about everything that happened in the chapter and you have to
choose the right answer. And in the end you have to remember everything that you
figured out about your mother's death and find out who her killer is. It's such
a great game!!!

My class only acknowledge my existence
when they want me to help them on their homework. My one and only discovery

And it turns out that next year I'm
taking Carlos' patrol spot in the morning...surrounded by little kids. Dang it.
I just had to say yes. Oh well. At least I get to feel special.

I'm typing this after I did a Last
minute essay that Ms. Fiore asked me to do a long time ago. My friend Brianna
did it too. She only gave the essay assignment as an optional assignment for
those who had A+ averages in English. It was to test out the assignment for next
year. The poem's called Reparation, and it's so great!

I'll post the poem tomorrow...when I
have more time.

Oh, yeah... yesterday, my friend Chris
in my class told me he had a crush on me. Today I told him that I like him, too,
but I didn't want to do anything serious. He took it well, at least. ^^

Today I became Chuunin in ShinobiLegends!


1 - Like the theme?

2 - Can you read the text?

Thank you all for commenting!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Kay, so I'm changing my theme
tomorrow! Thank you all for everything! Sorry about the post, Ninja Lover.

Well, for one thing I'd like to say
thanks to GIDRA for the wallpaper before I put it up. Thanks sooo much!!!!!! I
love the DeiDei-chan wallpaper!

Well, today was fun day, and nothing
much really happened. We just squirted each other with the water guns. XD Well,
when Anna and I were just playing around in the field, I heard them turn on
Nickelback - How You Remind Me. I still like that song, so I ran over and sang
it. Then my sister's buddy hugged me. I also accidentally opened the Shots (this
ice cream like dots) the wrong way. -.-

I downloaded this song from Naruto
Fan. It's called Grief and Sorrow. It's so sad. You know, it's like the Naruto
Main Theme Song, except much much sadder. OMG It's so freaking sad!

By the way, do any of you know where
I can find the downloads for the Naruto Theme Song in Full?

I can't wait for school to go out!!!

It's a pretty short post today,
but...okay. ^^


1 - Aaahh...Don't feel like
asking anything. Type randomness here.

Thank you all!


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Hey, everyone! I'm going to be posting
a bit early from now until a bit later because we have 12:20 dismissals. That's
a sign that we're almost out of school! So happy!

Well, tomorrow is this day called Fun
Day when some of the Class Representatives set up booths outside and we get to
run around and play for beads. It's really fun, but if you look at it right
there's no point in it except for missing class. That's the real point,

Today we ditched about half of our
books. It really feels good to had a book back to your teacher. The unfortunate
thing is that you're getting a new, unknown book next school year. That's why to
me, August 30 (the day we go back in school) is New Years. For some reason that
reminds me that my friend still owes me and Itachi plushie/poster/cosplaying

I keep watching the opening to Origins:
Spirit of the Past. I'm addicted to their theme song, I think it's by KOKIA -
Chouwa oto ~ with reflection ~ It's a great song! I'm still looking for a place
to download it.

I'm stuck on this DS game that I got
about a year ago. O.o I'm pathetic. I finally found a guide, and I'll start
using that guide to get past the one part that I'm stuck on. It'd ruin the fun
of the game if I used the guide for everything, especially since it's a mystery
RPG. Oh, yeah, the game's called Trace Memory.

I've got nothing much going on, anyway.
Oh, yeah, today was the last day we're going to wear our school uniforms! That's
a relief. I hate my school uniform, especially since usually at the end of the
year I have to wear my skirt with the knee-high socks because my shorts don't
fit me anymore. My mom thinks I should stop growing.

I've reached 201 hits! Thank you
all!!! I'm going to change my theme to Deidara, and I've already asked my great
friend GIDRA if she could make a DeiDei-chan wallpaper for me. Deidara is my
second favorite character in Naruto...that's why I'd be extra mad if Sasuke
kills him.

Well, that's practically it, I think...


1 - Have you ever heard that
song? Chouwa oto ~ with reflection ~ by KOKIA?

2 - Have you heard of the game
Trace Memory?

Thank you all for commenting!


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