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Monday, February 5, 2007

   The Worst Snowday EVER!!!!
So yeah today I had a snow day...yeah I know its like...A COLLEGE CLOSING!!! THATS CRAZY!!! but it was the worst snowday ever. First it started like this...I had to wake up around 7 am cause both my mom's blazer and my truck would not start yesterday (It was cause of the cold weather and such), and they woke me up just in case they needed me for something...just to let you know they didn't so yeah woke up for nothing lol. So we called a tow truck to see if they could start them and if not take them to a car place. They both didn't start so they got towed. They I got to do the best part of the day...I got to go back to sleep. My dad comes back and told me with was up with my mom's blazer...just was cold dead battery and some other stuff...so we go to the place so see how my truck is. Yeah here come the worst part of the day...I get there and I'm like thinking to my self..."Why in the hell is the pant on my hood peeling...". Yeah my engine caught on fire when they tried to start it. A gas line broke and when they started it..well one thing lead to another and yeah I have no car...so I have no way to get to school or work on my own...no more freedom for Matt for now. Well I got to take out my very first car loan...due to having no credit...I can only get it for $3,000 for a car and all this other crap...The buy at the car place we took it to said he might have a car for me...I'm sure the way I am I'm not going o get a car till spring do to some crazy thing...yeah bad luck it like my new best friend I guess...
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