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Friday, October 6, 2006

OMG it has been to long lol. Hey there evey one...Hows you all doing? I'm doing really well now that I have FINALLY got a girl that likes me for me lol. Yes, thats right mega finally got a girl friend. Its that emma girl I told you about in my last post. She just to cute and she has a great personality...its going to suck when she leaves in like 3 months for 6 months. Well shes a dancer and is going to England for dance school (yeah shes that good). Though its going to suck..I guess that means that I'll be single yet again till she gets back. Yep thats right ladies I might be up for sale again...but not right away cause yeah I'm with emma lol...not that is going to suck cause I don't think I'll be able to find a girl like her...cause yeah she rocks lol. Yeah shes awesome. I'm back in school now...just one class though...but its uber fun. Its a graphic desing class. I'm actually getting really good with drawing on the computer. I drew a chair...It looked awesome. I'll have to get it on the Myo some time. Yeah and sorry about not puting art on here...I haven't for got about my awesomely awesome fans that love my art, but I have had some problems with my computer that has the scaner on it...plus money is kinda tight for the family right now so yeah...anyway I'm still drawing and have a lot of drawings I have to get out here. Yeah I have been playing Final Fantasy Tactics. Yeah I know its old but yeah I like the classics. you know me a classic kinda guy lol. Well thats really all I have to say for now...so yeah I'm going to go...I have home work to do lol. later all...
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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Hey there every one...How are you all doing? I'm doing great...just here sketching a little bit...yeah I have to say sorry I haven't been posting art all summer on here or on deviantart do to the computer that has my scaner is a pice of crap lol. When ever I try useing the scaner it craps out on me...oh well I think we are going to get a new computer soon or I might just have to go out and get a scaner for my own computer lol.
But yeah other then that I have been doing great...I'm actually just waiting for 12 O'clock EDT. Thats when my girl is going to call me lol.
Yeah things (I think lol) are going great between me and Emma due to how far away we are. Yeah 11 more days till she gets here...I'm really excited to meet her and I hope shes the same way lol.
But enough about that for now lol. Yeah my summer has been a good one...is had its downs in the beginning of it (when I was all super depressed and didn't even want to get up in the morning lol) but now its looking good. I found emma, I found a bunch of roms for my snes emu that are of all Japanesse game I have always wanted to try and they are all traslated and that just plan rocks lol. Yeah I got like the very first Star Ocean, Bahamat Lagoon, Sailor moon rpg, Live A Live, and Tale of Phantasia...the site is: http://www.pjrpg.com/
so yeah have at it...Well thats all I have for now...so I'll talk to you all later ok...

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh my....
lol hey there every one....Hows you all doin? I'm doing great. I'm actually downloading snes roms for my hope to soon be girl friend. Yep you heard right...mega might soon have a gf after all this time of searching. Yeah I found Emma (thats her name lol) all thanks to my friend's ex girl friend nicole. Shes Nicole's room mate in college...theres just one little problem...she lives in Minnasoda...thats like 3 states away from where I live =/...but no worries she goes to school here in good old MI. She goes to a college that in a town not more then 30 mins away from me...YESNESS!!! lol. So yeah she will be in town in like 3 weeks and I can not wait to meet her. Yeah shes into the super nintendo (god a girl after my own heart lol) so I though it would be nice to get here a snes emultor and some games for when shes at college. She loves the idea and can't wait lol. So yeah thats all I have for now...I'll keep you guys posted on the out come of me and Emma...oh and one more thing about that...if you want to see a pic of her she my 4th friend on my myspace account (link in intro). Well I'm off to get more roms..check you all later...
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hey there everyone...
Hi there. Hows everyone doing? I'm doing great...I'm on vacation from work so yeah its great lol. Sorry I haven't been on this summer like I said I would. Depression reared it ugly head at me for the first part of it, but thank god thats over lol. Yeah it was about the same stuff as always...the girl troubles but not to worry I they are over for the most part. I found a girl that I really like, so yeah awesomeness all around lol. Yeah her name is Emma and she is my Friend Nick's Ex girl friend Nicole's room mate in college. See heres the thing we talk on line and on the phone but I have never met her. She lives in Minnesota and goes to school in Michigan (In a little town called Holland about 45 mins away from my house). She is a very cool person and I can't wait to meet her. She'll be here around the 13th of August, so yeah uber excited about it lol...I think she is going to call me tonight...but if she doesn't I might just have to call her lol.
Yeah not much has gone oh in my life worth ranting about lol. I'm healthy and all that jazz, I might have a gf in about a month so yeah I'm happy (I know its like freaking me out to lol). Oh my drawings are doing good yeah sorry I haven't been posting like I should but I have been busy with work and stuff. I well; however, have some to post next week and speaking of next week...my parents are leaving for 3 days like they always do in July so yeah party at mega's house lol.
Well, I hope you all have a greet day today...I know I will do cause I think I might be going to the beach and Mega likes the beach...well kinda cause I have lived by it for 21 years so its a little boring but hey wtf lol. So yeah I'm going to take my leave now cause I'm hungry and I need food. OH!!! and sorry for not being there to read posts I'll defiantly have to catch up on that lol. So I'll talk you guys later. I hope you all have a nice day and stuff...later all...

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hey there every one...Hows you all doin? I'm doing good. The anime con was good times. I bought some stuff. I bought: The Kingdom Hearts 2 OST, .hack//Another birth (its a book about teh perspective of blackrose in the first game), megatoyko vol.4 and a Naruto throwing knife. I had a lot of fun and hope to go to the one next year. Thats really all I have for tonight...not an eventfull life I live lol...I'm sure something will come up that you'll want to read lol. Talkto you all later...
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Friday, June 23, 2006

Anime Con Tomorrow!!!!!
Hey there every one...hows you all doin? I'm doing good...not as good as I would like to be but...meh thats life right lol...anyway...yeah I'm going to an anime convention. Yaeh so hopefully that will be fun...I'll tell you all about it tomorrow if I get to a computer...later all
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hey Hey Hey...
Hey there all hows it goin? Its going good here. I just got done hanging out with my friends Nick and Brandon. Just chillin mostly now. We when Disk golfing and then Nick and I went to the driving range then went to brandon's house for some hanging outness. I have been playing New Super Mario Bros. If you like mario games you will love this one for sure. Yeah thats really all I have to sa about my day lol. Well, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow...I have to work oh and 5 days till my 21st B-day (AWSOMENESS!!!! lol) later all...
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hey there every one *more fanart posted*
How are you all doing. Well, I'm good...as good as good can be I guess lol. Well, I got some more art posted for all you mega fans out there lol. Yeah I would have more done but with work and hanging out and all...yeah I'm sure you all know how it is lol.
Well, work isn't getting better...still the same old crap as always. I looking for another job...like a Graphic Design job. Now that would be fun lol.
I really didn't do much of anything today...I did a little bit of drawing on some drawings I'm doing for people and when with my dad to Home Depo and that was about it. Now I'm here posting lol.
But anyway that was my day and I got nothing left to say so I'll end the post here lol, so I hope you all have a nice day tomorrow. later all...

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Finally some time to post...
Hey there every one...Hows you all doin? I'm doing good...just a little tire...I just got back from a bike ride and let me tell you what...it was long lol.
So yeah nothing new here. I have some time to post now that school is finally over. I was goin to post some art to night but...my other computer is being a bitch lol so, no art for a little while till I get it fixed.
Yeah life is going fine. I did alright in college this semester. I got a B in drawing, C+ in English, and a D in math...so I didn't really pass math...but I can take it again lol so no worries lol.
Yeah sorry I won't be beable to read posts tonight though...I have to be to work early so yeah...I'm sorry for that.
Well, I should go to bed...kinda tired lol. So I'll let you go with that...I will post probley some time this weekend and I will find some way to get my art on the site. Well, night all...

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Long time no see...
Hey there every one...Hows it goin? I'm just the same as always lol. Yeah sorry I haven't been here in like ever....with school and work...man I'm super busy...Don't worry though I'll be back for sure when school is over and get back to reading posts.
Well, school is going great. I going to pass most of my classes...not sure on math lol. Well, work is going ok I guess...still have so of the same problesm but I'm getting through it.
I'm still having my female problems like I have had since I frist started posting on this site lol, but its all good. I'm really not looking anymore so yeah...anyway... I though that I would let you all know that I'm still here and that I'll be back like I used too be...and will be poting art like always...see you all later and I hope you all have a nice night...later all

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