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Monday, January 1, 2007

Listening to: Myself coughing.
Feeling/Mood: I'm ill!!
Last film seen in cinema: Talladega Nights. Which was AGES ago.

Well well well, look who decided to show her face to wish you all a very happy 2007 ^_~ I also hope you all had a really good Christmas - I know I had the bestest one ever.

I just couldn't help myself coming on here to just say hi to some people I've missed and love so very much. You'll know who you are cos you'll be on my friends list ^_~
You can all thank Vicky and Shadow. I only JUST got the invitation about New Years unfortunately but I wasn't home for it anyhoo .. but just the simplicity of RECEIVING that invitation afterall all this time I've been away hit my soft spot =P

Damn I feel like such a foreigner here now! LOL. All these new clubs, all you guys with your snazzy layouts and whizzing with your HTML - so advanced! And me falling behind terribly. Some of our little ones who were once so innocent are now OtakuLegends. And some people like Shanny I knew was already a Legend still never cease to impress =) It's like they'll live on forever!!

Since I'm here now, I'll just give everyone a little update.
My life at the moment is so blessed and wonderful and everything is super.
I'm still in college studying. (UNITED KINGDOM college - not American college .. I don't know the equivilant lol. I always forget)
In November I went to Hong Kong and ShenZhen for 3 weeks - FAB!
I'm no longer with Shaun but I couldn't be more happy in singleness.
Just incase anyone is wondering, I'm 17 right now and very mature lol. I've grown up quite a bit - I was always the one who always acted older than my age anyway =P
And I'm ready to face whatever 2007 has to throw at me =D

This is my bebo page - I use this much more often.

Who knows when I'll speak to you all next but just stay fabulous =)
Garbo xx

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