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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Listening to: The shopping channel
Feeling/Mood: Need the loo haha - sorry.
Last film seen in cinema: Superman Returns!!!
So good - I cried in it. I'm a Smallville and Superman lover you see \0/

Hey everyone, just giving you all some notices, updates and whatnots.

First off I really want to thank everyone for the comments and farewell and mentionings of me in their posts - it's really touching. You have no idea how amazing it feels to visit some of you guys and just see my button made by you personally or a link to my page on your little 'Best Buds' list kinda thing =P It just really reminded me of how wonderful everyone here is.

Well I just wanted to say that because I won't be active here anymore, I've decided to hand over my clubs to anyone who would like to take over and be an administrator.
I have already given 'LAD - Love Asian Dudes' to Sw33tz. She is now the new admin =) She's going to be fabulous! I'm so lucky. Awesome graphics and HTML chick and full on Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese) celebs lover AND Asian herself just like me - What more could I ask for? Haha.

Just 'TOG - The Onigiri Gathering'
'UC.S - Uchiha Clan.Sharingan'
left for grabs now.

I would ask people who I think would be fantastic for the job but I didn't want to put anybody in the awkward postition of not wanting to say no ... you know what I mean?
So I'd like whoever who wants a shot at it to PM me but BE WARNED that I will be biest and maybe unfair ... since these are my clubs they are kinda personal to me so I probably would prefer one of my already close friends to take over and obviously who had an interest in it in the first place to join it.
We'll see, hope you're all good at persuading ^_~
Remember, PM with a reason why I should let you take over =) All the best xXx

.: [Banner made by Sai] :.

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