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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Listening to: LFO - Girl On TV
Feeling/Mood: Meh
Last film watched: The Island

<--- Wish you were here Shaun. Or should I say I wish I was there at the cinema when he saw 'Unleashed' last night! T_T

Just 3years ago I used to be the biggest and most OBSESSED Jet Li fan EVER! The obsession actually got very unhealthy to a certain extent lol. I have been DYING to see this film since I saw the trailer months ago but of course I knew I couldn't get in easy because it's an 18.

Shaun refuses to buy me a ticket because of his stupid conscience lol. Well I'm going to see it somehow no matter what!

The silly bugger kept talking about it and rubbing it in on MSN and I had to keep leaving the conversations! Lol. Apparently, it's just SO amazing and violent and COOL, all other films he's ever seen in his life just seemed like a waste of time. AHHH!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most pointless post of the century ^_^ Haha.

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