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Monday, August 15, 2005

Listening to: Jay Chou - Sorry
Feeling/Mood: Not bothered
Last film watched: Stealth

Hidy ho. Sorry I haven't been around much. In all honesty, just didn't feel like it. Don't know why, lately I've been feeling just really not bothered to do anything productive. Hopefully that's going to change since my buddies are all back now from holidays/camps. That's actually probably why I was feeling down, just gosh darn missed them so much lol. And had absolutely NOTHING to do in the house.

Well it's late so I can't get to sites today but you will hear from me soon!
Hope you're all well, take care.

Ooo! Can't forget. I'm a judge in Shanny's Summer Fun Contest now.
Contestants, don't try to bribe me ^_~ Haha.

Fare thee well.
xXx Your delightful Gabz xXx

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