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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Listening to: Jolin Tsai - L
Feeling/Mood: Can't wait to see Shaun later ^^

Well aren't I on a roll? 2 consecutive posts in one week! Lol.

Well you know what happens when I have nothing to post, I just blab on about the films I've seen ^^ Hehe.
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Absolute AWESOMENESS! Hilarious and you will just smile the whole way through. I cried twice actually when Charlie didn't get the golden ticket lol ^^. In fact me and Shaun are seeing it again tonight because we're taking 3 friends who haven't seen it.
Skeleton Key - Personally, I thought it had a really good story and twist but nobody else thought so ... guess they were just unsatisfied with the lack of horror in it. You would always prepare yourself, expecting something jumpy but nothing ...
Stealth - The guys film but an awesome DID scene (Damsel in distress). It takes a while to get into but it's so worth it. The explosions, the action the hot guy from Sweet Home Alabama lol.

Well I can't visit anymore people tonight because I'm going out but I will make an effort sometime this week.
Take care everyone!
xXx Gabz xXx

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