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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Listening to: Pussycat Dolls - Wait A Minute
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Last film I saw: In the cinema ... I think Stardust ...

Hi everyone!! Well the Christmas rush is all over! I had 14 Chinese students round my house for dinner!! O_o There was a lot of lamb ... (yeah we didn't have traditional turkey ..)

I wanna thank SL for the xmas gift ^_~ it was very sweet of you - I loved it!!

Sorry I wasn't around to wish everyone a Happy Christmas .. this one's a bit late lol - but I'm still early for wishing you all a happy new year :D

I don't really have much to post ... just in life at the moment sorting out university applications.
Ooo, I had a nasty sinus infection last week which kept me in the house for a good week. Almost all better now.

On a random note ...
A question for the ladies out there, (guys aswell if you like but just switch the genders around)
How many times have you really REALLY liked a guy but then to later find out that he's actually already got a girlfriend??
It's just that I've been finding that to happen to me ALOT lately! Lol - just thought I'd point out. Allllll the potentials are taken lol - boohoo.

How did you all spend Christmas day? Did santa bring you everything you wanted??


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