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Monday, November 5, 2007

Listening to: High School Musical 2 - I Gotta Go My Own Way
Feeling/Mood: I'm wet from the rain ><
Last film I saw: High School Musical 2 in Spanish

�Hola! Hey all! I just came back from Spain on Friday with my 3 girlfriends and we had a really great time. We were in Malaga and we visited other cities like Marbella, Gibraltar ...
Weather was hot but not uncomfortably hot so we still tanned but were not dying in the heat.

Anyway, it was a 1 week holiday and it was all organised by my friend. It would've been something COMPLETELY out of our price range if it wasn't for her father who had timeshare and we stayed in Miraflores Beach & Country Club, this AMAZING 5 star apartment that had 21 pools!!

Here's a couple shots.

Us on a bus going to the airport - thus our journey began. By the way - I hope you all know by now what I look like! Lol.

Our living room.

Our kitchen.

Some meals that we cooked ourselves.

Our pool - bikini babes! AhhhRiiighhht!! GIGGITY!! ^_~ Haha.

Just glamming up getting ready to go out and explore.

Another nice picture - obviously I took like 100 photos but these are just a selection.

So yeah, we also saw Gibraltar which was quite nice but because it's owned by Britain .. it didn't feel very Spanishy .. but we saw monkeys!

The nature reserve - WILD MONKEYS!

One of my friends got really cheeky and commented this photo saying,
"Garbo and a Chinese girl - OH NO SHE D'INT!!" LMAO!

Nice photo .. highest point in Gibraltar - we could see Africa from here.

In a cave.

And our final night eating in a Tapas restaurant.

It was a lovely holiday - my first holiday with friends, not family.
It was a typical girly one too, like shopping, eating, tanning, swimming, exploring, relaxing watching Spanish tele haha.

.: [Banner made by Sai] :.

Credit goes to iHeartJunKi.com
for great LJK avis, sigs & info.

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