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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sorry if i was late posting that one made by my friend nordic angel, sorry if i spelled it wrong, as i was saying my comp seems to have broken nevermind i am at the living rooms comp and i think my comp ain't getting any internet waves or something. hmm today i walked to the hospital with my mom and sister, i had to get the flu shot, so i got it without mking a fuss, NOT i made a fuss i said i wsn't goting to get it and it was a very loud fuss, i hate shots, and it hurt okay maybe getting smacked in the head with a quarter is how it felt but it still hurt, yeah then i walked home by myself my sister and mom stayed because my baka imouto-kun had an eye exame [sp?/] anyway i walked home got on the comp answred my pms and psted that was my day have fun,

this was from mysterious rei

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