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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Heya Everyone

merry christmas or happy holidays for those people who celebrate other things well i am happy if you guys want me to post everyday just tell me ookay well now is the damn christmas break at the end i will have less than 5 days sleep ha ha ha the internet rocks i will be back on everyday for now on okay i know you guys miss me so i give you the permission to kill me while you are hugging me, but please just don't get a burial i want to be ashed okay lol well til tomorrow i might post up the pics i got from nice quizzes i have taken, i took this 118 FMA roleplay thing it took me three days to finish she is not done can't wait for more, I pose as Kari, Roy's bitchy sister who has trust probelms, lol, if you read it everyone is very bitchy, i know i know i don't cuss much only when needed

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