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Sunday, November 27, 2005


This one (1)

This one (2)

This one (3)

those are the banners fer christmas okay, hmm i want to thank you fer the 1000 visits

1000 visits banner

i want to thank you all for comimg to my site, hmm i love you guys so freakin much, thank you thank you so so much, well personally i decided to pick the picture because i thought it was cute lol, well i found this pic of envy, i was like WTF?? at first so i kept it cuz it was really good the art is amazing ^______^ fer you guys who wanna see envy as a girl in a mini skirt, lol

Here are some more presents

she, er he, is really pretty hmm anymore presents to dish out let me see, this one is of naruto, it is kakashi and the hokage that gave his life to protect his village who is thought to be narutos dad
Here it is

um no more cuz i had some fer later as gifts ha ha ha ha ah well see ya soon, i had nothing else to wrote

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