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Saturday, November 26, 2005

   late yet early

hmm i just woke up and it is 2 in the afternoon, feels more like 6, my mom and her friend are cooking lunch, which is breakfast, i got eggs and bacon, man i look like a total mess, hmm every morning all of my stuff on the bed seems to always get on the floor in the morning, yeah which is weird to me, maybe it is that way cuz i toss in my sleep, hmm sorry fer the late post i am not my normal self see because last night when i was going to bed i always sleep on my right shoulder, now because that shoulder hurts i can't sleep on it, which makes me toss and turn, well at least i know that if you sleep which your stomach exposed or you'll get a stomach-ache. it is true i tried it and i had this horrible stomach-ache, yeah hmm am i missing anything well i fergot that i might have to change my theme to yaoi/yuri, near christmas time so that is why i decided to set my christmas theme up so early, hmm i advise you if you do not like yaoi/yuri don't come to my site near christmas, okay nevermind that when it happens i'll tell you before hand okay, happy?? okay My wrist is not swollen anymore it is fine, which is great, oh yeah today i am wearing shorts because all of my pajamas are in the wash yeah all of them are pants and i don't wear shorts at all, unless i have nothing else to wear, yeah i also wear jackets all the time too, yeah that is my style of clothing i wear almost everyday been like that since the first grade YAY for me!!! actually you don' have to read this they are just ramblings, i got all the wite-out off using nail polish remover, which is also great, well i have some christmas presents fer you well i have three presents fer you actually:
This one (1)

This one (2)

This one (3)

there you have it i already dished out the presents so early, hmm i didn't put from mayura because this is my thanks to you so that is why well i'll keep the links on till christmas so you have all the time in the world to get one you like if you do not like any i will make anouther okay well until then see ya have lots of fun okay

hmm i ahte my sister you know what she wrote:
"stealer that spiral theme is mine
hate hate hate hate hate hate hate
hatehate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you" yeah she is a mean little person i hate her also and what i wrote is this:
"hmm well thank you fer yer insiginifent flameing, oh i so apprecitate it well since this wasn't created by you i can use it however i please credit goes to www.spiral.tv"
yeah i hate her so that is why i stay in my room so long and i like it too ^____^

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