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Friday, November 25, 2005


yeah okay hmm well i am in the middle of the night watching vids at youtube.com yeah okay, i modified my post style a little different well because i love that vid so much i am going to keep it until i find anouther, it is final fantasy 7 [advent children] and it is the anime YAY!!! it woun't come out until march 28th 2006 unless they push back the day again well that is what my sources say, other than that i think i might change my theme to christmas now if you guys need anything fell free to pm me okay well see ya bye bye

well other than that is also have 2 other AMVS of the anime, one is in japanese with no subtilting except the subtiles, and this other one that wasn't as great as the one below this post well see you around bye bye

hey i fell asleep and i banged my head on the desk when supposaly my hand slipped, hmm it hurt, the white-out is still on my hands which sucks hmm i am going to change my theme now okay well hmm it snowed today and i went with my friend i really wasn't supposed to go but the 14 year old daughter of my mom's friend let me hey i can make my own decisions here you got that i am 13 you know. hmm instead i only went down the hill with my snowboard three times cuz the snow was so freakin slippery i almost ran into the seesaw and that would of hurt alot, hmm yeah i think that is it well until i can think of some thing i'll tell you in this post okay

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