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Saturday, November 12, 2005

   Sick equals Death

Listening to: nothing
Watching: nothing
Time: 7:00 pm in Osaka Japan [why you ask that is not my current location I go by that time]
Okay I am very SICK you know I have many symptoms and I absolutely hate it. Ask/im sakura5 and she can tell you about it. So anyone cares if I was sick, will actually im me or something to make me feel better. Okay yesterday I had to go somewhere left at 3:00 pm and go back at 8:00 pm. It was horrible and the pain won’t stop my head hurts really badly. So how was yer guys day?? Oh yeah do you notice my unique writing style I feel like it is going to be contagious. Like yer is your and fer is for and some others. Does that bother you?? Tell me the truth okay!!!!! Okay this is end of post/day.

1. How is the weather??
2. How bad is it if you just got a cold??
1. The weather is sunny and I am not going to go outside, hate sunny too bright!!
2. very day okay a normal person just has it right it is normal, when I get it, it is like 3x as bad.

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”Everyone has two eyes, but none of then are the same” Imo-sune

P.S. I ate 3 bowls of Ramen yesterday

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