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Monday, November 7, 2005

   Hiya Peoples

Listening to: marathon music
Watching: maybe another marathon
Time: 3:02 pm in Osaka Japan [why you ask that is not my current location I go by that time]
Okay I a good day little ticked but alright well tomorrow is a cycle class for first period and instead of keyboarding I go to Spanish. . . . Not really good at memorizing languages but I’ll survive [I hope] well today was somewhat bored and somewhat fun well the bus coming to home was fun. . . . I was laughing at a joke my friends made well here it is
Karina:”marcus is a lesbian “
I forgot his name so I’ll put amo:”hey Marcus she said you are a lesbian”
Marcus: “I can’t be a lesbian I am a guy pure and simple”
Karina: “forget I said something um I was only joking”
Nick: “marcus you can be a lesbian”
Marcus: “No I can’t”
Nick: “oh yes you can it is called *waves hands in hair* SEX-CHANGE”
Everyone: “*starts laughing”
Me” “can’t stop make the pain go away *chokes* I can’t ….. Stop……ha ….”
Yeah so there it is I laughed s hard I couldn’t breathe, well anyway how was yer day?? Any good?? Bad??

1. Did you laugh so hard you almost died??
1. What you think?? Okay yes I fell out of my chair fell of the bed and ran into a couple walls so yeah!!
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-Dragon Knights Club = 3 member(s)
-Don’t Steal Club = 2 member(s)
-Sister Clan = 3 member(s)
-Yukito Fan Club = 1 members(s)
“NONE as to far out the fair ish day”

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