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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Sleepy as when the sun raises

Listening to: Butterfly, Theme song of the below DVD
Watching: Evangelion
Time: 11:43 pm in Osaka Japan [why you ask that is not my current location I go by that time]
Okay the question to the secret Syaoran hides is the fact that he is blind in one eye [the right one] so that is way he kicks instead of punches he has a less chance of missing the targets!! Today was really sleepy and tired I was all hyper in history [ I got a 39/40 questions in the test part yay!!] and since I got into applied tech I was very sleepy and tired and so yeah sleepy and tired so so tired I know I shouldn’t be on but I made a promise that I will get on everyday so everyone that is bored can talk to me !!! and so the history to my day was sleep and tired and somewhat ticked ANyWAy so how were your guys’ day??
1. What is your inner self??
2. How was your day??
1. Well I feel deep within me a form of that of a fox and a wolf.
2. Um I explained that already and the weather is slighty sunny and mostly gloomy.
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-Air Fan Club = 1 member(s)
-Dragon Knights Club = 3 member(s)
-Don’t Steal Club = 2 member(s)
-Sister Clan = 3 member(s)
-Yukito Fan Club = 1 members(s)
“A side of you wants death yet the other wants life but combined the world is your heart”

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